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female 28 years old
baltimore United States, Alabama

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DWell, what to say? I'm Veronica James. I am single never married. I'm goofy. I'm focused, determined, strong willed, compassionate, and sarcastic all wrapped up in one fiesty personality. I'm very easy going. I work long hours so when I'm able to throw my feet up and take a minute for myself I embrace the chance. But... at the same time, I love my time out with my friends. dancing my butt off, watching football with my favorite guys, and playing softball on Friday nights keeps me pretty busy. I'm not your typical girl. Yes, I love getting my hair and nails done, shopping, cooking, and of course my favorite color is pink... but I also love cars, racing, sports, playin' in the mud, and being a total happy . Sort of an oxymoron eh? :) I'm one of those girls who loves to get all fancied up to go out and have a great time, but if I'm kicking back at home, I really don't do much "primping." That includes making trips to the store wearing my camo knee length shorts, with a mismatched t shirt, flip flops, no makeup and a hat. I love my life and everything I've gone through. The only thing I regret in my life is not doing half of the things I was accused of or blamed for. haha- Everything that has happened to me has made me who I am, and I like who I am.. and that's what counts....
i am here to meet that special person who i can share all my joy with and be happy in life , to be peacefully married....
Are you the one with the fear of God.... you contact me..

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