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male 46 years old
new york city United States, New York

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I have been held by my past and i have never for once decided to get married again due to the fact that I lost my wife some couple of years back. I live life to the fullest, trying as much as possible to help myself and help make a better career for myself and my kid's future. I never had it in mind that I was going to see an image of someone like you today or even thought about it, but had always hoped that definitely someday I will get another woman to love and start a better life again,making her my one and only and together we could build our future so great and well. I don't really believe on this internet sites not until afri end of mine asked me to join this site and my first search for someone,was how I came across your profile, you were so pretty and irresistible and I couldn't get your image off my mind so I was forced to write you and ask if I could know you. It's a new season and sure we could meet!I might be some how far away but I believe we could make thing work if we get to know each other so well with time and I could visit you if you want me to. I will be expecting to hear from you soonest. I bet you are so beautiful! Have a nice time and great day, really do wish you well,If you don't mind, you can get back to me via my email fromgod212@yahoo. com or add me on yahoo messager ,here's my ID fromgod212. i am online right now if you care to chat with me to know me more fine,feel free . I'll be glad to read from you.. Anthony

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