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Scammers > Tuesday, September-09-2008

Username: wudola
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35 years old

hello am sorry for the mistake i made in my profile, specially my are u doing? am honest by name and my middlle name is leydi, am from west africa nigeria , am here in this site to seek for a woman that i woUld marrry for the est of my life forever, am single here , am graduate with bsc,very soon i would finish it,an i want to get marriage forever in my life forever, MY COMPLEXIONS, am a handsome young man and loving person that is light black man in complexion, am gentle,kind, loving,nice, caring, understand, humble, obedient, home train,submissive, humour, sexually, strong, brilliant,nice, trustfull, truthfull,cooking, God fearing, specially, eduacting, brialliant, good christaian,and god fearing personMY HOBBIES, ,travell, cooking, going to a long distance, relocate, visiting, taking cares of my WIFE and childrens at home, excercies, teaching, working. travell.i need a woman that i would like to spend the rest of my life for , that would be the father of my childrens , with is ready to settle down and share is life with me for marriage ,i need a well capable woman that would be there for me time of assistance and lovely forever to the rest of our life. CHARACTERS I WANT FROM MY WOMAN .she must honest, humble,SHE MUST BEAUTFULL AND WELL OKAY SOMEONE IN COMPLEXION, caring, truthfull, trustfull, respecting someone, understanding, trustwedding,hardwaorkng, seifminded, submissive, assistancable someone, someone that can help an give money to someone, specially in time of needs and help.sexually,lovelying,cooking, good behavour, home training, someone that would love to travell and see me in person and me too would see in person and leave together has husband and wife for the rest of ourlife forever, and god fairing person. CHARACTERS I DISLIKE FROM MY WOMAN i hate greedyness someone, disrespectfull,i hate a liar,cheating, hurting, playing game,unassistancable someone,i hate smeone who can not travell, i hate unready to get marry someone.uncoooking someone, unworkng somone, uncaring, unlovelying someone, greedyness, ihate someone who can not help and sent money to someon, i hate someone who promise and fail,greedyness,greedyness ,etc .WHAT AM LOOKING FOR am here seeking for a woman f my life, with would be my wife and mother of ourchildrens, know matter age, colours, distance, mills, etc. i dont my if she has chikldrens before and olden than me by far, age , clours, distance and mils, mean nothings, what matter most is happiness and leve together forever. i want someone that is ready and let marry for the rest of ourlife forever.i want a happiness wife and trustwedding partner forever. with would be my BODY AND SOULD[ MY WIFE AND I WOULD BE HER HUSBAND FOREER].well am from every far distance , but this is not my problem i can travell a thousand mille to meet my woman whereever in this life as long is ready to made the trip for me to come and stay with her student still round off for somemore degree in nigeria, at university, i stay in capital of nigeria, lagos nigeria. if u know u are here for the same things u can contact me through my yahoomail address here so that i can sent u some pixs of me and also for us to get to know eachother more better. or u add me in ur yahoochat, with is call yahoomessager, address here honest_adams so that we can chart and get to know more eachother online . bye has for now , ur lovely honest. i huge u and i kissess forever. am online now , u can added me in ur yahoomessager so that we can chat immediately or u write to me through my e-mail still online now waiting for u

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