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Username    docstroud92
User name    Matt Stroud
Birthday    Feb/17/1971
Gender    Male
Country    United States
States/Province    Ohio
ZIP    44004
City    Ashtabula

.. LET ME START OFF BY SAYING THAT IF YOU ARE PREDJUDICED, CLOSE-MINDED, HOMOPHOBIC, HAVE ISSUES WITH OTHER FAITHS, NATIONALITIES, BELIEFS, etcÖ then donít request me or ask me to add you. I have many different friends here on my pageÖall of which mean a great deal to me. Christians, Atheists, Agnostics, Muslims, Wiccans, Gays, Biís, Lesbians, Americans, Albanians, Bosnians, Canadians, British, Irish, Iraqis, military, civilians, young and old. I will not tolerate anyone on my friends who are here to cause drama or pass judgement. Have respect for everyone here equally or get the hell off my page. I am accepting of everyone and ask that you be as well. ONE MORE THING: If you want to be my friend, then be a friend...that means email back when I email, comment back when I comment you. I donít need a large number on my friends list to feel loved, accepted or important and it isnít a popularity contest. Be yourself and remember friendship is a 2-way street. Otherwise, donít waste my time and yours. ******* LIARS, THIEVES, OR CHEATERS...I HATE THEM ALL, YES, I SAID HATE. MAYBE DESPISE IS A BETTER WORD. DONíT FUCKING LEAD ME ON, PRETEND TO BE SOMETHING YOUíRE NOT. I WILL DELETE YOU FASTER THAN I ACCEPTED YOU IF I FIND YOU TO BE ONE OR MORE OF THESE 3 THINGS!

posted by wayne at 19:24pm