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Scammers > Wednesday, September-12-2007

Username:  greatson
Signup IP:
male 45 years old
london United Kingdom

Scam message mass-mailed:

Hello I saw your profile and i felt i have finally found my life partner.You are like God's dove, so beautiful, so pretty, with good hobbies and everything about you match with my style. and that's what I love YOU. Thank you, God, for this special woman, you gave me - I can't thank him enough for the love and beauty that I found on her. I think i will be much interested in getting to know you better and am glad to inform you that the distance between us is not going to be the problem because i can travel to any place for a real and genuine love.
I believe you will be more interested in knowing my kind of person too. in other to allow communication and getting to know each other easy, i will like to exchange my yahoo chatting id with you. you can chat with me on

Redirect phone number:  +44 70457 44461

But his REAL phone number (where it redirects!) is +2348056728208 (hehe)

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