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Scammers > Wednesday, August-13-2008

Username:  tcampbell1964
Signup IP:
male 44 years old
cape coral United States, Florida

Scam message mass-mailed:

Tony here, i just saw and read through your profile with very great interest, how are you doing today? would love to get to know you better if thats not too much of me to ask of you, I am an independent and self employed arts dealer and a father of one 13yr old son, I must let you know that age and distance are of no importance to me and you are a beauty to behold, i find you very beautiful, alluring and fascinating... I am feeling very much like a prince charming coming to take his princess away to his love to chat and get to know each other better sometime soon, my email on yahoo is tony.kingpin101 and same as IM, Looking forward to your reply at your earliest convenience beautiful.. Take care .Ttyl,

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