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Disclaimer: This test is provided for educational purposes only. You should not assume that this test is error-free or that the answer given is 100% accurate. Please make your own decisions based on your own conclusions. In no event shall be responsible or liable for any wrong decisions you make in connection with this test.

Want to know if you are in contact with a scammer?
Take the test below and find out.

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You DO NOT have to take this test if a) you never met them in person and b) one of the following applies:

1) they directly asked you for money, for whatever reason, including for visa and ticket to come visit you.
2) they sent you a check or money order and asked to cash it for them.
3) they sent you a package and asked to re-ship it for them.

In this case, it is a SCAM, you don't even have to take the test! We recommend you stop all contacts with them, don't send money, don't cash checks and don't re-ship packages.


Are you talking to a Nigerian scammer?

Are you talking to a Russian scammer?