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Scammers with pictures of Brian McNamara

African scammers posing as white men.
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red zora
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Re: scammers with pictures of Brian from NF

Postby red zora » Thu Sep 30, 2010 1:14 pm
Rod S
Zuletzt aktiv(last active): vor 3 Monaten(3 month ago)

Profilansichten: 152 Mal

Profil-Skin: Standard

Mitglied seit(member since): Nov 20, 2009

Geschlecht(gender): Männlich(male)

Adresse(address): london, United Kingdom

Alter(age): 36

Beziehungsstatus(relationshipstatus): Single

Interessiert an(interested in): Serious Relationship

Sprachen(language): Englisch

Ethnische Zugehörigkeit: Kaukasisch/weiß

Religion: Christ

Orientierung: Heterosexuell
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Re: scammers with pictures of Brian from NF

Postby Myra » Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:58 am

for diff pic and profile to email address
see viewtopic.php?f=3&t=31731&p=164171#p164171

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Brian Cambell, a contractor from UK

Postby whitehouse » Sun Oct 17, 2010 3:16 pm

Tonight would be the night I never forget. My friend introduced me with this website, when she found out that I was scammed in June 2010. I learned how to check and there, i found the same pic with almost the same profile posted by Marisa and friends: confirmed that I will never get my money back :(

I met him in online dating:

this is his pics at the time:


and this is the detail of his profile there (yes, he wrote his name wrong, instead of Brian, but it was Brain):

About Brain(36) - United Kingdom Am Brian.Am cool and easy going,down to earth as well.I just wanna get hooked up with real women here.If u feel u are cool and God fearing pls dont fail to hit me up here.

Basics His birthday 17-09-1973
He lives in United Kingdom
His region North East England
His city Belford
His relationship status Single
His children None
He is looking for marriage
For him marriage is very important
His religion Christian
His personality generous
Languages he can speak English

Appearance Height cm/feet 137/ 4' 5.9''
His body type average
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Style classic
His most attractive attribute my boobs

Interests His favorite kind of music soul, blues, hip hop, jazz, pop
His favorite type of movie ...
His favorite kind of food american
Sports he likes soccer
His hobbies, interests and activities: computer, family, friends, internet, traveling, reading, sports

LifeStyle His smoking habit I hate smoking!
How often he drinks alcohol social drinker
His occupation consultant
His level of education university
He wants children? some day
The birth order of his family. He is the oldest

Essays Why you should contact him : Oh yea people should contact me here cos am real and very much eager to meet new friends,who understands what it takes to build a good relationship.
His perfect first date: Good and caring,hug and kiss
He would like to go on this trip: ...
This is the most important thing in his life: My bible
A perfect day for him : ...

36 years old
Belford (GBR)
Last access 20.06.2010
Registered on 19.06.2010
2 hearts received
21 people viewed this profile

He said that he has brothers and sister, his mom worked for United Nations, has some issues with his father and both parents in US, while he's alone in UK. He's a very strong Crhistian, and doing some business too, to make more money.

he tried to allure me with love stuff, but it didn't worked. so he tried to offer me some chance to sell some iphones in my country. 70 units of tem. and from there, he worked his magic, succesfully made me sent my savings to him in Malaysia. said that he has to work in Brazil, so he cant send any money to malaysia, cos the parcel (full of 70 unit Iphones 4G) get stucked in the airport.

at the time here's some more pics he sent to my email, to makes me send more money. I was playing with him a bit, at the time I have my brother and my sister watched his move, we'd lke to know how far he will go for this, and these are some more pics he sent:



I sent them my savings, and they asked more (tripple than before) the next day, and thats when I knew I've been scammed. Until now, he stil trying to get more of me, but I blocked his profile in FB and in my yahoo mail.

I learned the hard way, and up til now, I'm still trying to recover from my loss of all of my savings.

so I write this, hoping nobody will get hurt again.

it wasn't easy, but I'm here.

Thanks for marisa and friends, for all of ur info, give me a big relieve, taht one lesson has learned. take care all.

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Re: scammers with pictures of Brian from NF

Postby hunter_hunted » Mon Nov 15, 2010 7:15 pm

johnmick : my woman is here

I am Seeking a Female Gender Male
Looking For Long-term Age 41 yrs
Marital Status Widowed Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Country United States Profession management
State Education High school/NA
City corona Personality
Postal Code 11368 Income level
Hair Color Brown Do you drink? Socially
Body Type Athletic Do you want children? Want children
Religion catholic Do you have children? Yes
Smoker? No Do you do drugs? No
Height 6'0" (183 cm) Do you have a car? Yes
Zodiac Sign Scorpio Interests marriage

About Me

am a easy going person that loves and enjoys nature and life. am cool headed and i hate violence. i hate pretenders and liars. i need straight forward people beside me. i will like to meet a loving caring and straight forward woman that will love and care for me. a woman that is ready to accept my heart. i know my woman is out here. i'll surely find you my love.

picture already posted
Ateh Malkuth ve-Geburah ve-Gedulah le-Olam Amen...

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Lewis Brown -

Postby janex69 » Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:13 am

Lewis Brown
USER ID: 4264343
Nickname: lewis2010
Name: lewis james
Age: 40 (Jun 8, 1970)
Gender: Male
Country: Malaysia :roll:
State/Region: Wilayah Persekutuan
City: Kuala Lumpur


Another Malaysian Mugu who is over-eager to show his fake cam recording!!
No, Mugu! I don't want to be your friend!!!

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Re: scammers with pictures of Brian from NF

Postby Myra » Sat Dec 04, 2010 6:08 am
* Lewis Brown
* 38 / Male
Lewis “has joined Myspace!”
5 days ago
uploaded his pic
Nov 29 2010

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Re: scammers with pictures of Brian from NF

Postby Myra » Sat Dec 04, 2010 6:09 am

for Hi5 and Wayn profile see viewtopic.php?t=29502

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Postby janex69 » Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:47 am
Male, 37 Years Old
From Washington, DC

To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another. One important thing is to let each other go if you can't do this
hi seraph.........i tribute with your words,my first time of seeing your pics. so curious to know you.......well am a swain , lonely suitor but heartfelt with your your profile. hope you be my mentor cos am tempestuous in your profile,and i believed you not a termagant???????pls be my love ................never says its twaddle.
No, Mugu! I don't want to be your friend!!!

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Re: Lewis Brown -

Postby bleedinglove » Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:33 pm

Removed complet quote of janex69' post - Ralph

OMG! I talked to that guy! :( I kinda feel like more of an idiot now...

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Ralph Warner
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Re: scammers with pictures of Brian from NF

Postby Ralph Warner » Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:45 pm

You are no idiot, just previously unaware of this kind of scam.

Now that you are here, please take a look around, you will see the many warning signs and learn how to avoid them in the future, the knowledge you gain will help not only you but it could also help family and friends.

If you have any further details you could add please do as that may help others who are targeted by this same scammer.

Many of your early questions will be covered by the link in your welcome PM (also in my signature line) but if there is anything else you would like to know please ask
"Thou shall read thy FAQ" CLICK HERE for salvation
Has your scammer sent you to any websites, it may have been fake.

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Re: scammers with pictures of Brian from NF

Postby Myra » Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:56 pm on FB
from New York, NY
poor Rod Powel
pic uploaded February 7
and already busted :D

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Scott Kelvin -

Postby janex69 » Mon Feb 28, 2011 2:41 am ... 1864028895

http:/ /

http:/ /

http:/ /

http:/ /
No, Mugu! I don't want to be your friend!!!

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Greg Drew

Postby debesis » Sun Apr 17, 2011 3:03 pm

Today I got a letter Myspace inbox from Greg Drew:
(He does not delete photos right side inscription: - It is a model agency)
Greg Drew male/age 47
My Name is Greg Drew, from Chicago Illinois-USA.
Am 48 years old single male who loves life as I strongly believe that
age is but a number because true love evolves from inside.
Am here to find love and I can tell you, I like what I see and feel we can go into this.
Feel free to get in touch with me via email only, so that we can chat
and share some thoughts.
Please Send your reply to:
I look forward to your email.

Greg Drew sent his message to my e-mail:

Thanks for your reply via Myspace.
This is to confirm your email address . Like I told you,My Name is Greg Drew. Am from Chicago Illinois.-USA.
Am here to find love because I believe in Love.... I have been out for long in the wilderness of love and now I feel I can start living again. I want to explore this relationship with you.
Am currently working with an offshore oil/gas drilling company. I look forward to starting a good relationship with you. Age to me is just a number as true love comes without any inhibition.
Infact you have made my day. As I told you, I have been out of love for long after I lost my wife 3 years ago to cancer. Recently it occurred to me that I need to move on with life and having come in contact with you, I believe it is God ordained.
I am a Christian and I believe we will have a very good and mutual relationship.
My Job takes me to different parts of the world.I plan to retire from my present work as soon as we are through with the present job, so that I can have time to settle down.
I am ready to come and meet you anytime as soon as you give me the green light and to assure you I mean well. In fact I believe time has come for me to go on with life after loosing my wife.
I dont think distance (for the little time am away) will be any barrier to our love because I promise to always be there for you. Just give me the chance to love you and show same to me. I am not saying am perfect but I will always try to be the best for you.
I want you in my mornings as the flowers need the sun to open up their petals. I want you in my afternoon, for afternoon delites an erotic morsel of chocolate needs warmth to satisfy the tiny taste buds gliding its way down to awaken every sensual fiber of my soul.
I want you in my nites to flavor and quench ever parched and thirsty sexual desire lingering and longing to come forth from your beautiful imagination of delicate romance. To wrap myself around you and whisper the depths of my love.
So what kind of job do you do and your hobbies too.
Am waiting for your reply. Here are my pics, love to have yours too. I have added you so we can chat anytime.
With all My Heart,Greg
And his photos:


Here is his IP address:
From: Greg Drew <>
Received: from []- Nigeria,Lagos!!!

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Sherriellen DeJonge
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Joe Wade -

Postby Sherriellen DeJonge » Thu May 05, 2011 11:43 pm

Hello Everyone: I am new to this site & am actually posting because a friend of mine has been in contact with a potential scammer from Nigeria. "Joe Wade" a white Russian looking man approached my friend on Facebook. He has worked on her for almost 2 months & promised her the world. He did ask her for money twice & when she said she could not help him & gave him alternative ways to sort out his alleged money issues he would disappear for a few days & then resurface. He says he is of Russian ancestry living in the UK & in Lagos, Nigeria building a gas station.....his wife is dead & his only relative is his poor mother back in Russia. He has not divulged the Hotel he is staying in or his home address in UK. The company he says is his does not exist. I have traced all his emails back to Lagos & Oshodi, Nigeria...I even found the streets & there is no gas station being built in either location. I have told my friend over & over again he is not the handsome blonde gray eyed Russian man she thinks she is looking at; just a pathetic Nigerian guy who couldn't care less about her. He actually booked a ticket online which we were able to track. He did NOT pay for it so the reservation expired & he did not contact my friend for 2 days....when he came back online to her he said a bunch of black guys came to his work site & beat up the workers & stole building supplies. He said the police got them; then he said they got away. He said it happened yesterday & then he said it happened 2 days ago. He got angry at my friend when she asked why he didn't pay for the ticket. He said he could rebook anytime & she needs to be patient...then he suddenly disappeared offline.
I also found out his email addy is actually a Domain name: I wish I could get my friend to believe this guy is not for real. I have tried the reverse image search & Tineye & not gotten any matches...If anyone has had any contact with this person I would greatly appreciate the information...He is no longer listed on Facebook but that doesn't mean he isn't out ther still. Thank you for your time.

Happy Hunting from Sherri Ellen DeJonge

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Re: Who is this Joe Wade?

Postby BrightStar » Fri May 06, 2011 12:58 am

Look at this post on the site:
(Link provided to this thread)

In you "welcome PM message" there are plenty of answers to find more about scammers... The best way is to read this PM !

Usually, you must post the more details you have from him... IP of his message, letters, and the first thing to do is to make a search on

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