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Lawrence Frank email :

African scammers posing as white men.
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Lawrence Frank email :

Postby onefan » Sat Dec 01, 2012 4:11 pm

Originally met on Baddoo

Lawrence — Monday, 29 October 2012 22:19
Hello Gorgeous, how are you? I'm sorry if I bother you with my message, I never mean to do so. I'm new here and I was introduce to this site by a colleague who told me how he met a wonderful and special lady here. I was only going through profiles when I came across yours, I must confess I couldn't get my eyes off you so I decided to send you a short note..... I really enjoy reading you profile and also liked the pics that you placed on your profile, You got great eyes and a charming smile... You are such a beautiful lady,

Anyways, my name is Lawrence I'm a gentle man with a big kind heart and beautiful personality.. I would like to know you more than what I saw on your profile. What do you think?.... if you are interested maybe we can talk and get to know each other better...

BTW...You've got beautiful eyes!!!

1st email
Decimal: 2894156748
ISP: America Online
Organization: America Online
Services: None detected
Type: Dial-up
Assignment: Dynamic IP
Geolocation Information
Country: United States us flag
Latitude: 38
Longitude: -97

Good Morning to you.
Wow the birds are singing for you,
The trees are dancing for you,
The Star is shinning for you,
The Moon is rising for you
Just to wish a good morning
And a happy day.

I want to get to know you more as a friend and hope our friendship can grow very high, I really want us to communicate more and also send you some few questions and answer so that we can know more about ourselves, because i really do looking for that special person that i would love to spend the rest of my life with . I know the good Lord has something special for us.

Have a blessed day out there.

Looking forward to read from you soon.

Yours Truly,

This Photo has been used in scam before

Finally I this got an email today:
Thanks for taking your time writing me,like it what i wrote in my profile it show :Los Angeles,why are you trying to stay off the site,why are getting bored checking your messages, some of my friends recommend me to the site so i think it is a good site. Nice site Baddoo,I have not meet any other person only you. for now i am ready for work now,did you like my poems,

Have a great weekend

geolocation accuracy for more information.
Decimal: 696958211
ISP: Visafone Communications Limited
Organization: Visafone Communications Limited
Services: None detected
Type: Wireless Broadband
Assignment: Static IP
Geolocation Information
Country: Nigeria ng flag
State/Region: Lagos
City: Lagos
Latitude: 6.4531
Longitude: 3.3958


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Lawrence Frank email :

Postby onefan » Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:28 am

Email from today: I tried to answer his questions as honest as possible He aint in LA California! :liar:
hello ,
I appreciate this thing call Internet is a great media to communicate, your profile really gave me a big smile and when I got your email you sent me that you would like to communicate with me gave me another life again and each time. I know my mom always say Friends are the best thing to have especially when they are true and honest with you. I am looking for that kind of friendship and I want to develop that friendship with you. I have some few question down here for you, I think this way we can get to know more about our personal life and what we intend to do and this way we get to search deep down in ourself and know some things we never thought of before. LOL. I will be waiting to hear you answer and please try to answer all, what so ever is good doing, is worth doing well.
I have questions for you that I would like you to answer. I want to learn about you.
What's your favorite color? My favorite color is blue. I have also grown to like purple & red.
What's your favorite food? I like Chinese & Mexican Spanish and Seafood and I am a very Good Cook.
What do you like to do for fun?
I love the beach. I enjoy collecting shells, walking on the beach, watching waves coming in, snorkeling, waking on the shore at low tide, and l love watching the sunset.
HOW DO YOU SPEND YOUR TIME? I love spending time with my daughter. I enjoy spending time with friends & helping those in need when I can. Example: My elderly neighbors are having problems with their vehicle. I took her to drop off some papers at her office. It meant the world to her. The trip was less than a mile to and from. It makes me feel great when I can help them out even if it is just something small like giving them a ride some where or taking them ice cream on a hot afternoon. (I did the ice cream on mother's day.) I like swimming, playing pool, dancing.
Favorite dance: is slow dancing in your arms would be really nice, playing darts, camping, fishing, boating, traveling, and more.
Favorite places you have been?
My favorite places: Ottawa, Alberta, Edmonton, Manitoba, Winnipeg, New Brunswick, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Japan. I went to Japan over 20 years ago for a month. I loved seeing the sites, shopping, and people watching. I love the lights and sites in New York & Vegas. I like it in Chicago & Hawaii. Chicago has many places to see any where from beaches, zoos, and museums. I have fond memories of my ex's grandparents who lived in Chicago area before his death he was in the United State military. Hawaii has the beaches, sites, and wonderful people. The countries I have been to outside the US are Japan & Netherlands, France, Brazil, Scotland A lot more around the whole of Europe. We did a day trip to Germany when we went to the state of Berlin.
My favorite park: To go to is Yellowstone National Park. I love the sites. Watching wildlife is one of my favorite things to do.
Where do you live when you are not away on business? Do you live in an apartment or house?
I live in a house and I rent it. I'm planning to buy a house as soon as I find that special woman and settle down.
What kind of car do you have? I have the 2009 BMW X6 and a blue Chevy Truck
What kind of Job do you do/Nature of your job? I'm a Petrochemical and Gas Engineer, and the nature of my job, deals with Crude Oil and Natural Gas. My job makes me travel alot, that's the reason why I have been to so many countries and several cities around the World. But right now all I need to do is settle down with that special woman that will be my friend, partner and sweetheart, give her so much time and attention. I want to always be home to meet that special woman that will be my everything instead of traveling here and there. LOL
Are you Will to Relocate: Love is the Greatest Gift of life. it is the sweetest feelings ever and I am ready to relocate seeking for a relationship. it is never too bad to relocated to new place and with a new relationship everything seem complete and Bless.
ANSWER YOURS BELOW: I worked hard on this :D
What's your favorite color? ( RED WHITE & BLUE)
What's your favorite food? ( Scam bait stew with a side of Caution!)
What do you like to do for fun? ( Bait scammers)
HOW DO YOU SPEND YOUR TIME? (Baiting scammers)
Favorite places you have been? (Cyberspace)
Where do you live when you are not away on business? Do you live in an apartment or house? (I live
In my skin most of the time! There have only been a couple of occasions that I wanted to get out! lol)
What kind of car do you have? (One that is paid for with my own money! You will never know!)
What kind of Job do you do/Nature of your job? (I Bait scammers...Naturally... I love it!)
Are you Will to Relocate? (Yeah I use a wireless connection!)
Please answer when you can. I would love to hear more about you and please you are free to ask about me too.
I really want to know you more and get along will be waiting for your email.( Promise me you will me hold your breath until I reply!!!)
Have a warm day,
IP Information
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Organization: Celtel Nigeria Limited t.a ZAIN
Services: Confirmed proxy server
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Assignment: Static IP
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Longitude: 8
This Is my response to his email!

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