scammers using stolen pics of Salieu

African scammers posing as black men.

scammers using stolen pics of Salieu

Postby IceFM on Sun Feb 19, 2012 2:44 pm

Franklin Mark; <>
From 4ppl......



I am a:

Accra, Accra Metropolis, Greater Accra, GH


Looking for:
Woman, Man



My name is Franklin Mark from Libya but currently in Ghana for the clearance of my inheritance of $4.5 Million USD and 35Kilos of Gold in a consignment box deposited in a security company by my late dad.

The consignment has been cleared from the security company already, all expenses have been taken care of. All I need from you is to help me invest it in reputable business there in your Country as I am a 24 years old man that has not handled money before let alone $4.5 Million USD and 35Kilos of Gold. The consignment has been released to me as the rightful beneficiary of the consignment being the next of kin to my late dad HON. Charles Mark.

As i write you this email, am currently in a small hotel somewhere in Accra with the consignment and i have tried several times to open the box with the key I have, but i could not because I was trying to force it open out of anxiety and the key got broken and could not open the box.

Now am totally confused and stocked looking for someone to help me, i went out to look for an engineer who could help me unlock the box so that I can have access to the funds but the Man is charging me money i cannot afford, but i told him to unlock it that i will pay him from the box and he refused.

He said he has to hire the cutting machine he is going to use to cut the lock and he has to pay first before the company can release the cutter to him. Please i need you to help me take care of this as I am ready to part you 30% of the entire funds and I would also like you to help me receive the funds over there in your Country and then come and get me out of here as you help me invest it in a reputable venture that will be of mutual benefit to the both of us.

I assure you that the money is a spendable cash, it is not wet or stamp it is spendable. As soon as you are able to help me pay for the renting of the unlocking machine i will immediately send you $20,000 USD via western union in four installments as sign of appreciation and also for you to spend it and confirm that the money is actually spendable. Then after you have received the money, we shall both make an arrangement on how to get the total balance transferred to you so that you can remove your percentage and invest the balance for me in a reputable business in your Country.

Please Sir, do kindly help me and do not disappoint me as i will also not disappoint you. I have attached to this mail a scanned copy of my Id and the document that was used in clearing the consignment from the security company. Please kindly get back to me so that we can finalize this ..

Best Regards,
Franklin Mark,,
Email me back::;



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Re: Franklin Mark; <>

Postby firefly on Sun Feb 19, 2012 2:55 pm

Pictures are stolen from http:/ /
The email adress and the same text are reported here since 19 December 2011 into viewtopic.php?f=79&t=41980&start=225.

The email adress lead on Perfspot, FRANKLIN MARK,
Man, 25
accra, greater accra
Member since 12/13/2011
i am cool and god fearing boy .

Last picture is stolen from http:/ / - the real owner is male model Salieu.

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