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Scammers with pictures of Victoria Bonya

Scammers from Russia, Ukraine, or any other former Soviet Union countries.
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Scammers with pictures of Victoria Bonya

Postby darkman » Tue Jan 16, 2007 10:12 pm

Pictures stolen from Russian actress and TV presenter Victoria Bonya (aka Bonia)

Hello!!!! Have a good day. I do hope you remember me because I wrote you recently and you replied to me.
I have met you on a dating site. I am sorry that I couldn't reply earlier.
You see I live in Russia and I was busy arranging all travel
preparations . I was in Moscow to book my interiew for the trip to the USA, it took
almost two weeks to travel to Moscow and back. You know that it is my first time I try correspondence with
a man in a virtual space.
I am not a very good user of the Intenet and I do hope that I will be lucky to
meet a good man.
I guess I need to explain why I do it.The thing is that I will work abroad for
three months or so and I would like to meet a nice man
to be my guide or just to be a good friend to spend time with while I am there. I suppose
it is hard enough to live in some foreign town without friends and besides I have never been
abroad. You know I've been liviving in a small town here in Russia all my life and I am just
afraid to be lost.
Besides I would like to see a real life (not some TV shows) and it is
impossible to see a real life without a person who knows all sides of the life. And you should also know
that I don't want to live in
Russia because I don't have any chances here, it is hardly
possible to explain in a few words but I want you to know all my
plans. While being in the USA I will be working in
any shop or be babysitter in some family. I will know the details later. Besides I love English language
and being in the English speaking country, it will give me a chance to improve my English.
The agency helps me to get the visa, work permission and all travel
documents and they will
help me to get a job. It is their business and I will pay for their
service. One of my friend worked in USA for three months last year,and she was so
pleased and she is going to repeat this trip again.
She has met right man in Chicago and they are good friends now and he
is going to marry her if everything is all right between them.
I am coming to the USA or Canada due to the special programm for young people who want to work
abroad and I think it is the right
way for me. I am lost here, and hopefully I will be able to change my life.
I am full of plans and different dreams. You should know that I have dark brown hair
and brown eyes. I am sure that you will be not disappoined to
meet me in
the real life if we meet. At least I hope so.
Well,I am finishing this letter and I do hope to get your reply pretty soon.
Maybe after reading my letter you will find me a little crazy but I am not sure I know the
right way
to meet a good man without real meeting and you know it is my
first try through the Internet.
I will leave my town in a few days or so to fly to Moscow again to
complete all the things. It is said at the agency which arranges the trip for me that
I will work all day and I think we might share
evenings together to get to know each other better. If you have any interest to meet me
I will be
more than happy!!!

I just don't want to be alone in the evenings, and I would like to be sure
in advance that somebody waits for me! It is just a woman wish!
I will tell you all the details about me and my life. If you're also single, you may be with me for a few
months or so .... Who knows???!

With best regards from Russia

Julia ( this my name )

PS I have attached photos of me so that you could have a better idea about me.

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Postby Marisa » Fri Jan 19, 2007 10:31 am - another yahoo IP (or Inktomi, which is the same thing).

Please post headers.

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Postby darkman » Sat Jan 20, 2007 10:11 pm

Received: from unknown (HELO ee939d4ad88e438) (mila388@ with login)
From: "Julia" <>
Subject: hi
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007


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Postby wayne » Sat Jan 20, 2007 10:40 pm

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Postby Marisa » Sun Jan 21, 2007 12:58 am

another Ekaterinburg. I am seeing increasing of activity in Ekaterinburg, in spite of the fact that they caught 2 scammers there in November and sentenced them both to 5 years. (btw, to my buddies: one of THOSE is from there ;) ) Hope it will not turn into a second Mari El. :cry:

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Postby PaddyFields » Sun Jan 21, 2007 1:12 am

Another tool for Darkman to find correct IP address in Header

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my boyfriend was scammed and almost broke us up

Postby annier1071 » Tue Apr 17, 2007 11:21 pm

He received numerous emails from Verena in Russia claiming to love BBQs and wanting to come to america to start an aerobic instructor and she needed him to pick her up at the airport. Each came with attachments of great photos...she was claiming that she was so poor she coult not buy make up like those beautiful american girls...meanwhile she had more make up on then all of us. This tore us apart for a long time until I found out about scammers throught the NYPD. HEre is her photo, watch out.....she targets singles sites ....

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Elen ,

Postby Umbriel » Wed May 09, 2007 9:41 pm

I'm in contact with her since 2 months I think. And Yesterday, I find this forum... I asking myself about her, but as she never speak about money, I wonder if it is real or not. It is a "Scam". Her photos is the photo of "victoria bonya".

She pretend to be in USA, then come back in Russia. Now she pretending to come in France to meet me. I'm waiting for their money need.

Received: from unknown (HELO ? (sleep_valley98@ with plain)
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 14:08:15 +0300
From: Elen <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.0) Professional
Subject: Good Weekend

Hi, xxxxxxxxxxx!
Excuse what write to you only in some days. How are you?
I am perfect, but I have a lot of jobs, therefore I could not answer to
you earlier, but usually I try find free time to look, that continues my email.
Large, that you are open for our communication. Well... My name's Elen.
Me 29 years.
I live in Nevada, USA. I work in educational area.
I work at the children's centre.
xxxxxxxxxxx if it will be interesting to you to learn more about my job.
That I'll write you about my work in my following letters. OK
What about you? What area by yours job? What your hobbies?
Also I want inform you xxxxxxxxxxx that I'm in USA almost 1 year. If that is
exacter 11 months.
In USA I have arrived under the exchange program of education.
I work with children. In USA I have arrived from Europe.
I worked 5 years in England. City of London. In educational area also.
Me very much like my job. I like children.
I wait for answer.

There is one of her last messages. Just look that the IP change, come from Russia now.

Received: from unknown (HELO ? (sleep_valley98@ with plain)
Date: Mon, 7 May 2007
From: Elen <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.12.00)

Hello my love xxxxxxxxxxx again.
I'm very glad receive your letter so soon. Your answer Im waited very
strongly. It was very pleasant to hear your voice.
As its very important for me. I have accepted the very serious decision.
I'm glad that you have written me such letter. Therefore I want inform you
some good news.
You should think about my letter very well. As its very important for us
I ask you read my letter very very attentively plz. OK
Plz excuse me for the huge letter. But I couldnt write its more shortly.
As i have a lot of question for you. Think very well about all my
Then give me complete answer on my questions. As our future depends from
this questions.
I ask you, dont make fast decision. Plz think very well about each my
questions. Fine.
I already informed you that now I have my holiday. I have still
approximately 20 days of holiday.
If I'll arrive to you. You have already some plans about our meeting?
What would you want doing at this time? Than with you we'll be engaged? You
will show
me your city? Im very much want visit all your liked places with you. There
are such?
Also I want ask you. You will show me your relatives?
Probably your friends? You already told him about me? What they speak about
I sincerely want to learn your relatives. Hope that you will think about
You want carry out together rest of my holiday? Or you want that I remained
with you? Its
very important for me. Remember I'll wait your answer. I ask you think very
As I any not game with you my love xxxxxxxxxxx. I hope that we can find out 20
each other are more good for these. Also I want inform you, that I probably
would like remain
with you more than only 20 days. Probably all life... What you think about
My love xxxxxxxxxxx I should also ask you the very important question. OK
When I'll arrive to you, there is a place where I'll stop?
I'll be stop at you home? Or I should live in the hotel?
Also I want to inform you, that I dont want stop in the hotel.
I dont like stop in the hotel. Whether I can arrive to you home?
You take place where I'll sleep?
My honey xxxxxxxxxxx when I'll arrive to you you guarantee my complete safety?
I hope that you understand I dont want at once after the airport to make
sex with you !!!
Guarantee me it please. I cant that promise concerning sex. OK
But you should understand me completely in this question. I dont refuse sex
with you.
But should pass some time. That I could find out you more well.
You should give me 100 guarantee about my safety!!!
Excuse me for these words. I dont want to offend you. I trust you
But you should give me your word. OK I ask you my love xxxxxxxxxxx think well.
For what I am necessary to you? As Im not search only sex for one night.
I really want to build the true relations. To build our family.
I hope that your desire about the our relations coincide with my.
My dear xxxxxxxxxxx Im very much love your letters. Therefore I completely begin
trust you.
I hope that you sincerely in your letters and your desires to me.
In all my letters to you I tried completely give you the descriptions of
I hope that you an estimation to this. But Im sure that the personal
will not replace any letters. I believe that better 1 time meeting instead
an exchange 100 letters. You agree? Only personal meeting can show all our
feelings to each other.
And letter its only beginning of the relations. True relations can be only
at meeting.
I should necessarily ask you also. If at our meeting Im not like you.
And you will not be interested me. You will inform me it at once?
As I dont want that you a deceit me. Also I dont want to deliver you of any
I sincerely want that at us with you it have turned out really relation.
Are you ready to change your life? I am ready to reserve my life,
But only with you my honey xxxxxxxxxxx!!!
Only my love xxxxxxxxxxx I ask you not game with me. As its very serious both
important for us.
I sincerely want to be with you. So my love xxxxxxxxxxx.
If you agree that I have come to you. And if you give answer me on ALL
Then I'll arrive to you in the prompt time. I ask you let's not lose time.
I ask you dont experience for anything. I already have told to my parents
about my decision.
They completely understand me. Hmm... Im not small girl. OK
I ask you send me your FULL HOME ADDRESS, YOUR FULL NAME !!!!!!!
Necessarily check up that was correct. Also send me closest the
international airport to your house.
When I'll receive the information that I'll buy air tickets immediately up
to your airport.
When I'll buy the air ticket I'll write at once to you the letter.
And send date of my flight also number of air-flight.
I ask you not worry about me. All will be good. I sincerely hope that
before our meeting
there was only small instant. I'll look forward to hearing from you. I ask
you remember
I thought well. You think very well also. Before to accept the decision.
As its the very important step in our life. The large request to you.
Dont forget send me all information.
1. Your full name.
2. Your full home address.
3. Also airport.
Hope for your sincere answer. I ask you of a pardon for my large letter.
But I hope you understand now me. I could not write it more shortly.
I ask you give answer only on all my questions !!! If you is sincere
with me.
My xxxxxxxxxxx if you only game with me. Then I'll understand you.
But necessarily write me answer.
If you only that game, then I'll not come to you.
Forever always your love Elen.

She phone me last sunday, she have my personnal adress, my real name and my phone number (of course ;) because she call me ^^).

Please find more photos and nickname of her :
http:/ / ... 1353.shtml

Please find alse : phone number she give to me, adress in USA / Russia.

I allow to you the phone number (+1-702-430-1642), I wait for a bell.

P.S. My address USA:
1425 South Carson Street
Carson City,
Nevada, 89701

My address Russia:
Nesterova 65/12
Nignii Novgorod
Russia 603006

I think I give everything I have (except all the mail). I can make a zip file and send by mail all the photo I have if a moderator want to made a gallery of her.


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Postby Marisa » Thu May 10, 2007 12:18 am

That's OK, thatnks for your report :)

Here is her picture:


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Postby Umbriel » Thu May 10, 2007 7:05 pm

Her last mail :

Received: (qmail 12854 invoked from network); 10 May 2007 17:42:40 -0000
Received: from unknown (HELO ? (sleep_valley98@ with plain)
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.12.00)

Hello my honey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!
Is glad to write to you the letter. Today I have arrived in Moscow.
The trip was tiresome for me. Im fly. After landing from a
train I took a taxi. Went almost 2 hours up to hotel "Sheremetjevo".
This hotel to be near my airport. From which I'll take
off to you my dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I hope that you have received yesterday my
letter. As it is very important for us. I had some rest in hotel.
Then I have gone up to the airport. To receive the ticket on my plane.
I have paid them in Nizhni Novgorod. I needed only to take away them. Now I have
my ticket on hands. Very well. Also now I want to inform you of very
important my letter. When I received my air ticket. The manager also
Informed me the very important information. For 1 hour prior to
mine start to you my xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I should pass customs examination.
I should show my luggage, visa, passport. It is all OK. I knew these
rules for my flight to you. But also the manager has informed me.
To pass customs house for flight in Europe from Russia. It is necessary to
me to have at itself some sum of money. It should be for the sum Not
less than 1500 euro. It is rules has established yours government. To stop
illegal immigration. I can not challenge it. Presence of this sum of
money on mine credit card also is supposed. But to my huge anger I
have of a cash of money only 70 euro. This money I took for
contingencies. Also purchase of some meal. Also on mine credit card is
present almost 560 euro.
I have not enough for the necessary sum of money 940 euro.
I understand what is it small sum. This my salary at job in America for
1.5 week. But right now I have not enough this money. I sincerely
thought that all will be good. It should not be bad. I got the air
ticket up to you for 720 euro. I at all do not pity about it. Also I
did not want to ask you money to my air ticket. As I knew that I can
get its. But I did not know rather The law against illegal emigrants.
I do not know as me now to act. At me on hands to be the air ticket.
However I can not pass customs examination. What that nonsense. Why it
happened with me. And right now.:- ( I sincerely hope that you read
this my letter. I ask you read it very well. I try completely to
describe to you now my condition. As still yesterday I was happy.
Now what that money forces me to experience. Is very insulting. It not the
sum in 10 000 euro. It is all deprive 940 euro. Real my salary for 1.5 week.
My love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. At me a very bad condition. There are no words to
describe it. My fingers has the large shiver. Why it happened with
me... Well I shall now write concerning important. I ask you to
understand me very well. OK I do not want to ask you concerning this
sum of money. As I do not want To begin our meeting from money. But I
do not have other exit concerning it. I can not take money from my
parents. As I know that they have presented a good gift On wedding for
Olga. My love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I am sincere with hope I ask you rather 940 euro.
You can help me? You should understand that after arrival to you I can
to return it with percents. If want. Also I shall not implore you
concerning the help for me. I it shall not do. As I understand that my
request is very bad. But there is no other exit. Understand me also.
I shall look forward to hearing from you very urgently. Urgently write
to me your decision. I am sincere hope only on you my love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
I ask you to write to me the letter very quickly. As up to my start
there was only 3 day. We should accept the important decision. I hope
that am important for you also. Write to me faster I ask you. If you
will refuse me. That I owe to return my air ticket. I thus shall be
loss 20 of cost of the air ticket. It is very a pity to inform you
such news. But I sincerely have hope that all will be good. And you
accept the correct decision. Remember I wait for your letter. I shall
not leave Internet Cafe. While I do not receive your answer. OK This
very large letter. I finish to write. Remember I wait for your answer,very urgent!!!
Sincerely I hope for your good decision, yours Elen.

P.S. I can remain during 2 weeks with you my love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

So I suppose she dont know this place :)

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Postby Umbriel » Thu May 10, 2007 7:30 pm

For the fisrt time in 2 months, she answer 10 minutes after my mail (i said i want to do anything for her, and so on...).

Please find the new mail (with her real name ?).

Received: from unknown (HELO ? (sleep_valley98@ with plain)
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.12.00)

Im glad to receive your fast answer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
I am very grateful to you for yours understanding. I am sincerely glad that the problem does not exist.
Now I shall inform you some information. When I was in America. I sent my the parents
Some money help. I visited bank Money Gram. You can look it here: http:/ /
They send translation of money during 15 minutes.
Its very fast and its convenient. Also I would like to say to you.
As my documents are in branch of the customs control.
Because they should check up all then I shall to receive them back.
If you will send money. I ask that you addressed it on name my father.
He can receive money in his city and then bring to me them here.
There is a contact information for you:

firs name: Nikita
last name: Chernyshov

I ask to excuse for these small difficulties but I did not expect it.
I am very grateful to you. My love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I shall look forward to hearing from you. Also remember.
The bank will give you control number. It is 8 figures. You will write them to me. OK
After I'll receive your letter. I shall speak my father these figures and he will receive your money
I shall wait your answer. Is very very grateful to you. I am happy that already soon meeting in you.
Sincerely about love yours Elen.

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Postby Marisa » Fri May 11, 2007 1:11 am

Yeah right, her father!!! "Nikita Chernyshov" - this is probably the real name of your scammer!!! :lol:

Or at least the "drop" who picks up money for him, for commisions. :lol:

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Scammers using pictures of Victoriya Bonya

Postby Frohike » Sat Aug 11, 2007 11:05 pm

Ok, I couldn't find this one in the forum.

Number - 13

Name - Yuliya
Address - Lugansk
Email -
Date - May '07
IP -
Type of scam -
Other links when Googled -
http:/ / ... album=5109

The site and ID to the profile where they were found -
http:/ /
romawka (8848) - I can't be sure of this ID number, but it's in the link from her site picture on her profile.

Header -
From Wed May 23 13:40:15 2007
Received: (qmail 96905 invoked from network); 23 May 2007 14:47:09 -0000
Received: from unknown (HELO ? (r_o_m_a_s_h_k_a_2006@ with plain) by with SMTP; 23 May 2007 14:47:07 -0000
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 17:40:15 +0400
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.95.1) Professional
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)

Whois -
inetnum: -
netname: LEP-NET
descr: Gecko Company
descr: #16a, Pavla Soroki str.
descr: UA-91016, Lugansk, Ukraine
country: UA



First letter -
Hi, sweetie! I am expecting you to be my friend or even more. I am
very interested in you and hope you are feeling the same. Please,
write me on my e-meil address and I
promise to reply ASAP.


Next letter -
Hi, my dear xxxx!

It is a nice surprise that you have replied to my message! Thank you
for such full and interesting letter. I so glad to meet so interesting
interlocutor as you are. Also I would like to thank you for a nice
photo you have been attached. Are you made it in your city? Indeed
it's a nice surprise to meet a man with such deep soul world,the man
with many talent's and skills. I found that we have a lot in a common
and mutual things will give us ability to talk about everything! It is
very pleasant to hear from you and as a step from my side I want to
let you know more about myself. I know that we are far away from each
other but Internet has brought us close and I think that we should use
this opportunity.

Well, let's start to get to know each other. I live in Kharkov, it is
in Ukraine. have you heard about it? Many years ago this city was the
capital of Ukraine. I am a very easy-going girl. As you know, my name
is Yuliya. I am 30 years old and my birthday is on March, 16. I don't
believe in horoscopes as I am sure that when you fall in love you
never pay attention to all those details about stars and dates. As for
my character I can say that I am kind, very romantic and caring. I
like to be outside in the nature a lot, to walk in a beautiful forest
and to hear the sounds of birds. Another great interest for me is the
music and the art. So I can say, that I am a very creative person with
a lot of ideas in my head. I love animals a lot. At home I have a dog,
a hamster named Bonya and a parrot. I live in a flat, that is why
sometimes it is too noisy there because of my pets, but I love them a

I have a great job which I like . I am a manager in the studio of
photography. It is a great pleasure for me to see a lot of different
people every day, children who come to our studio to take pictures.
I've got a big advantage of all it as all my pictures have been made
by my friends who are real professionals. I will send you my favorite
pictures with the hope you will like them.

These are some things which are very important for me. At first
faithfulness, but also respect to each other, honesty, mutual
understanding, to be able to speak about every thing with each other
and support in good and bad times in life. It would be great, if we
can find together a compromise, if we would be of different opinions.
Also I want to lead a harmonic love and relation, because I want to
give our children a good example and education and I can do this only
on this base. I think, I can be a friend, lover and wife for you at
the same time. That is my living wish and only goal for the future to
find someone, which I can create such a love and relation.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the real man for me here, in
Ukraine. That is why I decided to look for him this way.

Dear xxxx, I'd appreciate if you tell me more about your life, your
thoughts and expectations. I want you to know that I am interested in
everything. Sure that very soon we'll become great friends. I am
confident that we are both searching for the same thing. I just hope
we can reach that very end we are looking for. I will be waiting for
your reply with much impatience.

Buy for now, dear!

P.S. Sorry that the letter turned out to be so long:-)


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Postby Marisa » Sat Aug 11, 2007 11:39 pm

I remember this one. She tried to register on datingnmore. Lasted 5 minutes before she got booted ;)


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Postby Robert_M » Sun Aug 12, 2007 10:23 am

I’ve got 2 emails from her in my MSN. Same pictures etc.
Was she a scammer I emailed for you, I forget now as the emails are from April.

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