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scammers with pictures of Lana Brooke

African scammers posing as white women.
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Re: scammers with pictures of Lana Brooke

Postby Marisa » Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:33 pm

another email is, scammer from Ghana, IP

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Re: scammers with pictures of Lana Brooke

Postby mdgposter » Tue Sep 21, 2010 2:17 pm

I have a few posers who use stolen pictures of Lana Brooke
I am not sure if they are actual scammers though at this point

the person tried to add me to my Perfspot friends list
id: bernice kesse at Perfspot

this profile is now deleted.

Friendship Invite

"wants to be your friend!
Female, 30 Ghana
8/21/2010 [57 minutes ago]

Personal Message:

Hello my name is Bernice and i am single woman with no
kids so do you care to chat with me and get to know more
about me"

Second Message

Hello this is my email address add me now and
we will meet therfe and chat more and get to
know more about each other thank you and hope
to hear from you soon

First Message in email

X-Mailer: YahooMailClassic/11.4.9 YahooMailWebService/
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2010 11:22:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bernice Kesse <>
Subject: Re: Hello ---

My name is Bernice and i am a lady of 32 years of age and i am in a Nurse Training
School that i am Training to become a Nurse...I am truly a "Lady in Waiting". Waiting
for the right man to steal my heart away.By the way at the moment am done with my
education and now waiting on my result to come in...................................

I believe that couples definitely need to have some interests in common, but I don't
believe they have to share all the same interests as long as there is mutual respect
and consideration.............................

I'm faithful to the extreme.I feel I pretty much have the perfect life except for the
desire to have someone to share it with..................................

I value integrity, loyalty, and people with a willingness to try new things Very
serious, someone very down to earth, who does not need to play games, but be
confident enough to just be himself, and allow me to be me, and let us get to
know one another.................................

I enjoy the chance to do things I've never done before and develop new
interests. Let's learn new things together.Trust is the most important quality
I look for in my friends and lovers......................................

I want a man who is able to laugh and have a good time, but has a serious
side.And also Someone who is comfortable with himself and the life he has
made for himself, but willing to try something new.............................................

I want a man who likes to travel or just hangout. Someone who is open
minded and honest and can admit his faults (if there are any).The Man i
want also has to know how to treat a woman and accept the rewards. I
want a partner not a boss or slave. Someone who will be my

And i am here looking for a very serious man that i can spend the rest of my
love with and not the man who is here for games...I'm a single looking for a
long term relationship, a life mate.........................

I have been through many things in life that I can call myself a survivor.I
have a good, tender and romantic heart, honest, loyal, shy at first probably
because I hardly go out, never go to bars or clubs, but I would love to go
out for dinner to a good restaurant..............................

I love long walks and I would like out doors activities which I have never
done it.I would like to meet some one honest, friendly, playful, open mind
with a good and warm heart who is willing to put some time in a real

I'm still dreaming about the right man I believe that everyone have the last
chance to be happy.I'm waiting for my partner my best friend who wants to
be loved and loves back...................................

I would like to spend the rest of my life with this special someone and now
i can see that you are the right man for me now and i think i have to Thank
God i found you my love................................

I want a serious relationship full of love, care, happiness, passion and true
and honest feelings.For this we, of course, need to know much about each

I want to try to give you some impressions about my tastes and about my
dreams (for the future).In food I love Chinese, Italian food, and also fish. I
myself can say that I am a very good cook, and I love it to

I like movies, especially romantic, adventures, but also movies and programs
about other cultures.In music I like all kinds of music. It depends on my mood.
But I don't like hard rock and that kind of music.........................................

My favorite colors are for clothes black, white and blue, in summer of course
bright colors. Flowers must be red (the color of love)........................................

My clothing style is a little formal, but also casual. It depends on the occasion.
But for my School I need to be dressed rather formal.And I love

I hope you have some impression now about who I am, and how I think.I am
just a normal person.I don't smoke and I am not a skinny person. I don't drink.
I don't hit or hurt men or children, because I think that is the most bad people
can do to each other..........................................

I prefer to solve problems with communication.In this I'm not sure if you like it.
Cos I live with my mom and sister and also i think my mom is also going to
need me in many matters as well,and something like.Helping her to go to
the doctor and also cooking for her.But now i think i am not the right person
to do this again so my sister is there and it is my time to look for the

I want in my life and now i have found you will be there one all the best is
that knowing of each other and giving each other a very good and also a
good passion heart....................................

In my free time or my hobbies are: reading, computer (in computer i do
often play, work, read, listen music, look small movies and go internet),
play boardgames (I like but alone I haven't fun), listen music, look good
and funnies movies from the world, drive bike............................

Hope it is generally okey with u, coming together fine that race and
nationality difference can't stop friendship which consist humanitarian
system of living all over the world today....................

Can we give ourselves a trial on friendship, and see what the future
holds for us.....................

t is my pleasure chosen u and it has been my dream to meet someone
like u, according in ur profile. And I pray for this friendship to be the
sweetest and best for everlasting...................

I had always wanted a friend from abroad and the fact that I have met
u shows to a greater extend the distance we are ready to go. I am not
looking for adventures or games, but rather a sincere friendship and
who knows what this might lead to..................................

Now i think you have know the kind of person i am now................................................

end email

Google each sentence of this email some interesting profiles using exact
content from Bernice's letter to me. Some profiles include stolen pictures
of Raven Riley, Melissa Midwest, Melissa Roy.

I wont post any pictures she used same old Lana Brooke pictures.
I have the pictures so if you want Ill post them.

Here are a few more Lana Brooke posers:


(profile deleted)


Ok that is it for now

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Postby gd101 » Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:10 pm

the email address ( in the post above this one is linked to a FB profile by the name of Lamptey Charles. Got lots of friends on his list.

Various quotes from his profile:
Hello guys my name is Charles and i am single man with no girlfriend and i have been single for long time and now i want a good girlfriend that i can love and also spend the rest of my life with me

Hello Annabella,how have you been doing all the time my name is Charles and i am talking from Abake i will like to be your best friend so i want you to call me on this number 0216884763 call me on or just send me call me back and i will call you and then we will have a chat on the phone keep to hear from you but dont b...e sad you will soon see my pictures thank you bye stay safe and may god bless you



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Re: scammers with pictures of Lana Brooke

Postby buckeyedawg66 » Wed Sep 22, 2010 9:41 am

Recognize her fellas,yes it is porn star Lana Brooke,she came to me on myspace under the name chatted with her a little today but she seems to be in love with me,yes me i have always wanted to date a porn gonna chat with her more tomorrow just to see what kinda scam she is running,or excuse me, he is running.I will be back here tomorrow to fill you all in til then.What did the hillbilly say before he blew himself up.....WATCH DIS.....SINCERELY BUCKEYEDAWG...
OH here are some more pics of her she sure knows how to make a bottle of bacardi and a thin white t shirt look good at 5 in the morningPictures deleted for Google morality compliance.

Image :roll:

Image :mrgreen:

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Re: scammers with pictures of Lana Brooke

Postby mdgposter » Fri Sep 24, 2010 11:21 pm

I found another poser possible scammer using stolen pics of
Lana Brooke Name Anna Park FDating id annacme30

Anna Park" message to me at FDating

Thanks for your message My name is Anna & U?.......
i'm glad to hear from you .meanwhile i'm new here
today and i dont really know how to make use of this
Site stuff, well this is my e-mail address
( ) write me and tell me
more about yourself and what made you write me....
Looking 4ward to hear back from you........

Cares alot


Anna Park" message to me in email

Delivered-To: ---@---
Received: by with SMTP id i7cs31944ybf;
Thu, 24 Sep 2009 20:01:36 -0700 (PDT)
Received: by with SMTP id b34mr7248243vcp.14.1253847695715;
Thu, 24 Sep 2009 20:01:35 -0700 (PDT)
Return-Path: <>
Received: from [] by via HTTP; Thu, 24 Sep 2009 20:01:33 PDT
X-Mailer: YahooMailClassic/7.0.14 YahooMailWebService/0.7.347.2
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 20:01:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Anna Park <>
Subject: I'm sorry dont have internet access !!!

Hello Honey..
Thank's for the message, and sorry for late respound --- but just
like you've been sincere and honest to me i really have to be, cause
i know that after reading this mail i might not get an e-mail of ur reply
and it would be so sad. because a friend of mine onced said all men
are the same they only want to share the good time and not the bad
time,i hope ur not like them.. well i am more of Irrish race, ---,

I have decided to write you a lenghty message becos i am less busy
and i feel you need to know all about me ..I feel so happy to know
that you are from ----- ...I was born in, ---
but i I left ---- after my dad's death and i am presently located
in the UK.

As for meeting each other one on one , well i wish to meet you one
on one but you have to give me sometime .... May be i should tell
you more about myself ,..Like i told you i am a native of -----,
I was born in ----- but was raised and grew up
in the UK and Germany......

My late father is a native of ----- , while my sweet late mom is
a native Germany but got relaocated to the UK for over few years
now,..It is my sadness to let you know that i also lost my Mom
just two days ago after she has suffered a long term sickness , her
burial ceremony has been done on 20th/09 2009 after church
service, i wish you are there !

Well , i am not finding life as easy as before not even now that i am
left alone ,father and mother all gone !! ..Now I am planing to reloacte
back to --- and get a new life again... no place like home!!! ....
But thing is damn very hard right now if i may say.....

So right now i am looking for a job, becos i need to get a job and
work for some time so that i could get some money to make up with
my plan to re-locate back T---... ... I have alot of
problem about my relocation firstly like i told you i am jobless so i
can't afford all the expenses to reloacte and settle down in ---,

secondly , i could hardly identify or locate my home or anywhere
again in --- becos i was taken away by my late mom at the
age of 6yrs and Dad died when i was 4yrs , it is a hard thing and
time for me right now like i said.

I am tired of racism overhere in the UK becos i am not a native UK
overhere,no place like home , So the only way we could meet soon
is only if you can afford my expenses back to reloacte back home
to ---, as i am finding it very difficult to get a job right now in
the --- and raise some money to make up with this plan i
would be happy if you can help me with my plan to relocate back
to the ---.

All i need is where to settle down or live first when i get back to the
---, i also need a job too so that i will not become a burden
on you ... i hate to be a burden on people , i hate to beg ! and i hope
you will understand what it is to depend on someone to survive and
that is all ...i am a very easy going young lady , a good listener and
open minded, a lady any man could dream of in terms of well
behaving , good manner,understanding,endourance and caring..

Hope To Hear From You Soon.


end of email

I won't post any of the pictures the person uses because they
are same old Lana Brooke pictures.

See You

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Re: scammers with pictures of Lana Brooke

Postby Myra » Sat Sep 25, 2010 3:30 am!/pro ... ref=search
Anna Park
Anna, 31 - Female - North Dakota
Member since: 09/17/2009

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Re: scammers with pictures of Lana Brooke

Postby trol » Sat Sep 25, 2010 8:59 am

Вот ейё новый адрес

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Re: scammers with pictures of Lana Brooke

Postby FrumpyBB » Sat Sep 25, 2010 9:05 am

^^Does this mean "good" or "bad"? That email addy has scam hits so I assume it´s another scammer using pics of Lana Brooke? hello?
Please try your best to block ALL your scammer´s still incoming messages and calls!

What is all this? => The FAQ

The scammers vs. Why is "he" still doing it?

Why is alerting the man in the pictures DANGEROUS?

Please click why confronting my scammer is terribly wrong :)

Use Spokeo

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Re: scammers with pictures of Lana Brooke

Postby mdgposter » Sat Sep 25, 2010 5:18 pm

babelfish translation:

Here is [eye] new [adres]


I don't know anything about this email address
I searched and found FB profile under Simly Barton

See You

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Re: scammers with pictures of Lana Brooke

Postby trol » Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:51 am

Вот её новый профиль на Facebooc ... ref=search :cool:

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Re: scammers with pictures of Lana Brooke

Postby mdgposter » Sun Sep 26, 2010 9:15 pm

Babelfish Translation: Here is its new profile to Facebooc

See You

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Re: scammers with pictures of Lana Brooke

Postby Indica » Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:16 am

met this person on on skype goes by the name of FELICITY BOADU .she is from lapaz,new spanish united in ghana works selling kenti clothe.lives in kumasi,zip code00233.
she sent a few pics of her who is this.wanted money sent via western pay brothers school fees.looking after her granny. her email is nearly took me for a ride,her english changes so do the photoes her web cam was broken .

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Re: scammers with pictures of Lana Brooke

Postby &TheHorseYouRodeInOn » Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:07 am

she is from lapaz,new spanish united states

What keeps this work so much fun....did we add a new state while I was asleep? I would assume we annexed Baja Mexico? :D
"I wish I would have met you, but now it is a little late. The things you could have taught me, I could have saved some face." Filter - Hey Man, Nice Shot

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Re: scammers with pictures of Lana Brooke

Postby lukey1 » Sun Oct 03, 2010 2:11 pm

Talked w/ person on JW MATCH ( they contacted me first), got me to switch to Yahoo IM right away.
Got suspicsous of some photos they sent, some dialogue didn't sound right, then when they asked about $ for airline ticket ,alarms went off & Ifound this site and matched up the stolen photos they sent me to others on here.

JW Match usernames: SingleJehovahLover1- was deleted
Opeville- same person, different photo (looks to be India/Pakastan?)Don't have that photo

Both sent same basic replies on JW MATCH :

"am sharon williams,30years,single,working as a teacher,i would like to get to know you better,do you have msn or yahoo nessenger so we could chat there?mine is and add me"

they use very short narratives on their profile and do not answer the "more about me" part of profile(this for JW Match Site) also Opeville asked for me to pay for gift subscription( i Didn't) but then sent sent the email w/ contact info so I guess someone else got suckered!

Watch out guys



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Lana Brooke lives in Ghana?

Postby yagottabekiddingme » Fri Oct 08, 2010 2:28 am

I received an unsolicited contact via Skype from an anastacia and then she/he opened another Skype account anastacia.nantwi. Started off, Hi, I'm new to syype, i"m the first friend blah blah. When I asked for a pic, he/she sent through four pics of what turned out to be Lana Brooke. I thought she looked to good to be true but then when her/his sentences went from three or four misspelt simple words to great long "love quotes" I thought it suspicious. Also She/he fell in love with me in about 60 seconds. LOL
I cut and pasted some of the quotes while we were chatting and they came up on several Ghana scammers sites. That's when the same pics I was sent also appeard. So I played along, by cutting and pasting similar inane quotes back to him and it just went over his head. Long story short, I was asked to give money for food and to buy new webcam cos she/he couldn't show me live shots on his cam. Claimed the cam/'puter was old and I ended up with a quick streamed video of what appeared to be Brooke and then the cam froze......yeah right! Any way, I got the details where he wanted the Western Union money to be sent -
Name:Anastacia Nantwi
Western Union

On first contact,he sent me pics of Brooke but the second contact a week later, sent me some other naked/spread lady. Wasn't the same bird, but very attractive. So I sent the initial ones back to him. Thought this was you I said? Yes it is blah blah blah. So then I sent him pics off the Brooke website with the same clothes on that were in the initial pics he sent me, but this time spreading the legs etc, with the Brooke watermark on the bottom right of the pic.
Is this you? He said, yes.
Why if you are famous model/porn star then, do you need me to send $$ for food and a webcam? His responses started to get a bit second hand then and he said, "darling will you like to stop chatting with me now"?
Funny as sh*t, I had a great time leading this p*ick on and it cost me nothing but the time to search some of the "Love quotes" at the same time as he was trying to scam me.
:lol: :lol:

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