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scammers with pictures of Melissa Midwest, pt. 1

African scammers posing as white women.
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scammers with pictures of Melissa Midwest, pt. 1

Postby davyg37 » Sun Mar 04, 2007 4:12 pm

Pictures stolen from American adult model Melissa Midwest


I am french and I live in Marbella (Spain) and I met Alice Durand in meetic ( )She supposed to be social worker and live in Atlanta (USA)
For Christmas she told me that she has to to go to Abidjan (Ivory Coast) for a seminar...and she had promised me to spend new year eve with me in Marbella...Of cours,she had a big problem with her credit card and she told me to send money to her...
I hadn't ever heard about scam befor and ...I did it...I couldn't imagine that kind of think could exist...
She send me 2 pictures of I do know that it isn't her on them and do wonder who the girl of the picture is...
Also,I wonder if there is a possibilty to find the scammers...
I live alone far away from home and I have been realy depressed for the new year's eve,because all this matter...I feel better by now but Id' like to know what happened.....



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Postby wayne » Sun Mar 04, 2007 4:34 pm

Damn but I wish our social worker looked like that :shock:

If you look at the headers of "her" emails you'll probably see that they all originated from the same place no matter where "she" claimed to be at the time. Can you post up as much info as you have on this scammer?

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Postby Marisa » Mon Mar 05, 2007 1:30 am

This is Melissa Midwest (American porn chick), we have a topic about her somehwere, I will find it and merge threads ;)

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Postby PaddyFields » Mon Mar 05, 2007 1:47 am

Melissa Midwest is in the database as Cindy Thompson.

(I found her thru' the comments page, [May 09, 2006 at 11:41 PM]) But if you enter "Cindy" or "Cindy Thompson into "search" it doesn't list her in the results!!!.

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Postby Marisa » Mon Mar 05, 2007 2:11 am

Yes, exactly!! I was searching, searching... Finally found, too! Strange, there is no description under pictures, that's why it doesn't show in results! Probably I overlooked description somehow.

Here she is: ... album=2265

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Thank you for your help...

Postby davyg37 » Mon Mar 05, 2007 2:22 pm

Thank to tell me who the girl of the picture is...At least,know a part of the mistery is sorted out...(wow! so,I had fell in love with an American porn
A couple of month ago i didn't even know what "scam" meant and I realy beleived all the story because of this "psychological game"...But know I feel a bit better than to "romance"...
Thank you...

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Headers of alice durand

Postby davyg37 » Tue Mar 06, 2007 3:35 pm

here there is the headers of one of the Alice durand's emails:

Wed, 20 Dec 2006 14:19:20 GMT
X-Originating-IP: []

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Postby 4545trs » Sun Apr 22, 2007 9:00 am

A social worker with a bikini and opening her mouth in a sexual manner. That spells wife to me. Come on guys, lets not be dumb about this.

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Cindy Thompson , Melisa baahs , Alice Durand

Postby itsallnew77 » Sat Jun 02, 2007 2:55 pm

This girls stolen name may be Mellisa Midwest,the scammer is posting different pictures on MATCH.COM . Baahsconer is the user name,they go by the name of Malisa Baahs. Email address
Claiming to be born in switzerland and had to move to ghana to be with Mom,Nice try!Heres some address they gave me :Melisa Baahs,Ohemaa Boakye,PO BOX,NB 163 Niiboiman-ACCRA GHANA.
Hope this helps someone before they get scammed by this Uknowwhater







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Postby Frohike » Sat Jul 21, 2007 12:42 pm

A Nigerian scammer by the name of Mary Nelson, claiming to be from 'kennewick', USA.

X-Originating-IP: []
Received: from []
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 20:17:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: "mary nelson" <>

Her first letter:

Hello how are you doing i`m happy to hear back from you soon i`m Mary i`m from washington.......kennewick and i`m 28 years old.....5;6tall and 135lbs average body.......... more about me..................i`m a Nurse working as a Nurse with World Health Organisation this took me down to africa when i don`t have anybody to care for me because i have lost both parent years ago so i stays home alone before i found this job so i left foe africa when i got no choice and i think that is what i can do when all men i meet has let me down..............i like this work Job but it is not caring enough because there is no place like home........i`m looking for a relationship caring one a man who will like me for who i am i`m looking for a decent man who know what he is looking for and who is ready to marry because i`m not looking for a game player i hate games because it hurts and i hate to hurt and i hate to be hurt............i have it in mind of coming back to USA soon but i don`t know where i will arrive to because i don`t want to go back home because i will be so lonely there so i willlike to know more about you too thanks



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Millicent Cobbah

Postby Frohike » Sat Jul 21, 2007 2:38 pm

Claims to be from 'Ohio, USA', but really from 'Accra, Ghana'. Goes under the name of 'tinnygirl'.

X-Originating-IP: []
Received: from []
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 18:10:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: "millicent cobbah" <>

First letter:

hello dear how are you doing?am millicent a lovely single genuine lady looking for a lovely man like u to be with.i read through your profile and am really interested so i wanna keep intouchg with u and meet together to share common things together so please if you are interested mail me now my email address is millineedsu500@yaho please let me hear from u soon with more about you bye for now kissessssssssssssss ssssssss

Here is her first letter to my address:

hello my dear thank FOR YOUR QUICK MAIL AM REALLY GLAD TO HEAR FROM U WITH YOUR LOVELY PICS WOW YOU ARE REEALLY HANDSOME THANKS FOR TELLING MORE ABOUT U i would like to share my lIfe with u so please let get to know eachother more and plan for meeting ok?well let me tell u more about name is Millicent a beautiful,cute,lovely lady at the age of 27years,am single withiut any kids as i have not married before,,,,,,i love dancing,cooking,outdoors,beaches,playing tennis,readinng,love making,i love to spend much of my time reading much about world,coutries and their cultuream white genuine lady with long hair 5.6tall slim very sexy person and because of that i have tried to mentain myself for the special person that am gonna to meet for life and get married i hope u the one,,,,,,,,,,,,am simple girl and leading simple life.will want to promise u thatt am as much prepared and willing to be your woman if u are really ready to care and love me as i will do and be honest all the time.....i have share with you as time goes on if only you will be faithful to me in this communication and relationship

moreover,i originated from USA but at the moment am in Ghana now working with the UNICEF group as a Nurse,we have been educating the Ghanaians about health ,immunization and helping them with their national health insurance scheme programe
i hope this will be the reakll beggining of a lovely relationship between us and i hope surely that it will end well.well dear thats more about me please let me hear fro u now ith your pics and your plans for me in the near future an waiting to hear from u soon i will send u my pics in my reply to your next mail dear take cera bye for now kissessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss



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What out for scammer

Postby Rob74 » Tue Jul 24, 2007 9:45 pm

Calling her self Ceci Thompson

This is a few mails. Many like this

"Hi xxxxxx,

Thanks so much for an interesting e-mail, though, I think you;'re such a nice and important person and I believe we can have a good friendship here and lead it to a perfect relationships, depends on each others heart and mind.. You might be written me , while your heart belongs somewhere, this happen a lot in a relationships, that was the reason why I said, xxxxxx try to be serious.. I don't think its something you should be thinking about, though, after reading your e-mail, I understand you ;re actually looking for a long time partner to settle down with and also have a confidential relationship together? What I mean about (confidential), is when a man and a woman always have faith and believe in each others without any doubt of a heart, then I believe the relationship can work absolutely well..

Now I understand your working period and despite all of this, you are looking for a woman you can settle down your little arse with? right, I am just joking, yeah we shouldn't be so serious as you've said, I want you to understand that I also have a good sense of humor and I can do more, only with the man of my life, and my children, I need a man either, to settle my little arse with and also get along better, with truth and pure minded, I need a man i can lead a very fruitful relationship with, I can't come on the internet, dating site, just to look for a friend, NO. I understand that after all this fact of e-mails, we will decide one day to meet , I think reality speaks louder than exchanging of mails. But I think without exchanging of mails, we wouldn't meet or even think about it each others... So I'll understand the fact that you wouldn't like to rush or me either, but we need to actually know our plans for the future, instead of seeing all this mails as a waste of time..

I have school in Oslo, Norway before, xxxxxx don't get me wrong- I didn't live there or spend my life there, I only school there and also had degree from Oslo college, ( university), I have already told you that I had to come back to my family due to my degrees and also my visa as a student can't allow me to live in Oslo, even though I wasn't planing to live there though, but if truly life can have a meaning despite the fact of me and you, then I think Norway is a good place to live and also raise children's...

I wouldn't like to raise my kids just any how in the world or just anywhere, I have being to Oslo before and I think things there quite interesting, but the fact based on the living expenses-- but it cool, if I was to have a man in Oslo, xxxxxx I think i can live my life there again, and not just onces again but for ever lasting moment........... xx hey , you need to understand that, coming over to Norway for such a man like you is an expression of feelings and also a step of commitment in a relationship which I haven't plan for yet,.. But only our mails shall judge the kind of things we want in future and how we actually want our life to be arranged.........

Right now I live with my aunty, right down here in Accra city, Ghana, Africa.. its such an interesting place, but nothing like living with a man I love or that loves me... so its all the same though, what else would you like to share with me, any idea? take care and have a good night... Ceci"

Many more like this. I cheked a scam site and found he/she had used a different adress with the same pictures. This time claiming she was Russian. Visa and ticket scams and so on. I confrontet her with this and this is the reply:

"You;re the most stupid man I've ever met.... All white people will
suffer in the hands of Africans , ONE by ONE... You all took blacks as
slave, NO problem. You shall pay back with all you've stolen from us, ONE
after the other. I know a way to catch you , bastard. Have you ever
realized that you white people smells like shit? Ask God why? and the
answer shall be giving to you by an African you people called Monkey...
Oh monkey will rule this world , someday....Basket in the dirty pit.
White frog.. You better look for a female frog like you and start giving
birth to smelling frogs, stinkyDate: Tue, 24 Jul 2007 20:58:49"

Picture she/he is using are like this:




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Postby Frohike » Wed Jul 25, 2007 2:19 am

Hi there Rob,

Check out - (link posted to same thread)

You'll find more on her under different names. I didn't even notice the fact that I posted her twice, so they do a good job. Not a bad looking girl, but like all African scammers, they love the IM and want you to keep talking on them. They like it better than mails, so it is also worth copying any convo's ya might have on those. They come in handy for recognising any miss spellings and strange lingo they use. It's always some weird rap / Africana speech that never seems to work.
If you do chat on the IM, push 'her' for pictures, as they are more willing to post a dozen or so picks each time on IM, when you might only get 2 or 3 by mail each time. The only disadvantage with IMing them, is ya gotta be careful what ya say and can't run a reverse mail scam back on them. Also, if you do IM anyone, change your personal details on it before you start - the less they know about you, the safer you will be - you can always just walk away and block them from your network, so you loose nothing.
The other thing is, if you do ever get worried by them, just open a new mail address with Yahoo, MSN etc. Just use those to mail scammers, so you can dump the address whenever you like. You can sign up for any country, providing you do your homework first. You can also be anyone you like and never have to give out any personal details - defo the best option for IMing people, as you only download the programme once and just keep changing your profile.

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Postby Marisa » Wed Jul 25, 2007 3:00 am

moving it there... :)

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Loveth Brown aka L_lovelyanimal21 at

Postby thetaorionis » Tue Sep 18, 2007 12:56 am

Hope this isn't too large for anyone, but I have had this one on a hook for a couple of days .... have tried to make it a bit more readable

Buck: hey there Loveth! How u is tonight?
L_lovelyanimal21: Hello
L_lovelyanimal21: How are you?
Buck: oh, I'm doing pretty good ... just watching a bit of TV
L_lovelyanimal21: ok
L_lovelyanimal21: so how is Life with you
L_lovelyanimal21: ?
Buck: .. this thing is a bit on the slow side, because it looks like my sister has sent me a couple of HUGE emails ... although I try to get her to stop it .. oh, well ... lol
Buck: life is GOOD ... a bit on the lonely side, but ... well ... what can I say??
L_lovelyanimal21: ok
L_lovelyanimal21: miss you
Buck: yes ... I miss you too ... so, how was your day?
L_lovelyanimal21: well i am Cool
L_lovelyanimal21: i had a Busy Day here and the weather was Raining today..
L_lovelyanimal21: i mean here in west africa
Buck: hehehe .... well, according to my niece, that ought to be 'kewl' ... but whatever ... lol ... we have been needing rain for so long here I'm glad we finally got some, although it's not nearly enough .... send what you can over to North Georgia, okay?
L_lovelyanimal21: ok
L_lovelyanimal21: thats Nice ..
L_lovelyanimal21: Can i view ur Cam?

Nothing wrong with cam, but I'm not going to let her see it

Buck: well, i tried to get it going earlier, but it didn't want to cooperate ... is yours working?
L_lovelyanimal21: Nope..i used to have one back in the states ..but i did not bring it here with me to africa
Buck: yeah, i understand, belive me ... this is the darndest thing .. i just downloaaded the lastes drivers, software, and all that, and it says it's working fine, but as soon as I try to go online, it craps out (sorry about the lingo)
L_lovelyanimal21: Oh..okay
Buck: well, the BAD thing is .. I deal with this kind of thing day in, day out .. ought to be able to figure it out, but not now ... ARRGH
L_lovelyanimal21: ok
Buck: ... but I suppose that there are just some things that defy help ...
L_lovelyanimal21: Yep.
L_lovelyanimal21: Can u help me cash a Check?

Figured this was coming, just wondering when

Buck: wish I could, Loveth, but I'm pretty much stone broke
Buck: ... enough to live, but not much to spare, if you know what I mean
L_lovelyanimal21: How do u mean?
L_lovelyanimal21: do u have an Account..?
Buck: sure don't ... i cash my paychecks and live on them as best I can
L_lovelyanimal21: yes i know..but i just want you to help me cash this check so that i can leave africa and come over to the states..
Buck: yes, i understand, but I really don't have anything to spare ... have you contacted the american consulate? I am sure they'd be willing to help .... or maybe the American Red Cross ....
Buck: .... ummm ... then again ...
Buck: do you have a picture of yourself? a recent one? I have some friends who might be able to help with a picture
L_lovelyanimal21: ok
L_lovelyanimal21: brb

The 'brb' never materialized ...

Buck (9/13/2007 1:05:03 AM): Hey there, Loveth .... howa are you today
L_lovelyanimal21: i am cool
L_lovelyanimal21: i am Off for now..
L_lovelyanimal21: i havwe been buzzing you but u dont want to answer..
L_lovelyanimal21: i will mail you soon
Buck: well, I'm sorry .... been asleep ... hmmm ... still asleep, ok? ... lol

L_lovelyanimal21 (9/17/2007 6:04:20 PM): Hello Dear
Buck: hey there
L_lovelyanimal21: Hello
Buck: how are you today?
L_lovelyanimal21: i am fine and you?
Buck: oh, pretty good
L_lovelyanimal21: thats Nice Dear c\
Buck: ... monday and all
L_lovelyanimal21: so how is ur weekend?
Buck: oh, was pretty good .... still, i'm having trouble with my cam .... just won't crank up
L_lovelyanimal21: Oh..thats Bad
Buck: how was yours? do anything exciting or fun?
L_lovelyanimal21: Nope
L_lovelyanimal21: well i was not feeling to well
Buck: oh? I'm sorry to hear that, sugar
L_lovelyanimal21: Yep Honey
Buck: tell me why, if you don't mind
L_lovelyanimal21: so how is ur life?
L_lovelyanimal21: well i had Headache,Cough..
Buck: ugh. know what you mean .... makes you just feel bummed out, doesn't it?
L_lovelyanimal21: Yes and Bad
Buck: awwwww
L_lovelyanimal21: yep
Buck: well, i hope just talking to me makes you feel better
L_lovelyanimal21: well yes..
L_lovelyanimal21: but the messenger took long to sign on
Buck: yes, it does that sometimes here too .... and then quits right when you really want it to
Buck: ... like it did on Friday night ... rain always makes my connection unpredictable, and we got a mess of rain from what was left of the hurricane .. not that we didn't NEED it
L_lovelyanimal21: ok
Buck: so how is the weather there?
L_lovelyanimal21: well the weather here is cold

Cold?? In SENEGAL I don't think so!

Buck: yes, it's getting colder here too ... but good cuddling weather
L_lovelyanimal21: Hmmm
L_lovelyanimal21: lol
Buck: now don't tell me you don't like to cuddle up with a good looking man
L_lovelyanimal21: Well Yes Dear..
Buck: brb, ok?
L_lovelyanimal21: but i am not feeling to Okay for Cuddling Dear
L_lovelyanimal21: ok
Buck: sorry about that ...
Buck: and why not?
L_lovelyanimal21: cos i am not okay
Buck: i know ... you said you are feeling bad
L_lovelyanimal21: yes Dear
L_lovelyanimal21: but is will be cool to cuddle when u are here
Buck: well, i thought you were coming home, Loveth, Dear
L_lovelyanimal21: Yes Dear..
L_lovelyanimal21: brb need to pee
Buck: ok
L_lovelyanimal21: i am back

13 minutes to pee? Must have been a heck of a walk!

Buck: ok
Buck: I was wondering if you were still sick, my dear
L_lovelyanimal21: yes Dear..
L_lovelyanimal21: but i am planning to leave this weekend..
L_lovelyanimal21: can u cash a Cheque for me?

Buck: where? here?
L_lovelyanimal21: Yes
Buck: how are you going to get the money, dear?
L_lovelyanimal21: u will s end me through Money Gramm
Buck: How much do you need, Sugar?

I'm wondering how much this is gonna be for

L_lovelyanimal21: just 500$ honey

After all, MONEY DOES GROW ON TREES, right??

L_lovelyanimal21: so i can add up with the little i have here
Buck: Yes, I know, dear

Well, she's not going to get anything, but here's the setup

Buck: I need to check with my insurance agent, Dear .... which probably sounds funny, and maybe I am wrong to have not told you
L_lovelyanimal21: hmmmm.
L_lovelyanimal21: so tell me now
Buck: so promise you won't be mad, ok?
L_lovelyanimal21: Nope i will not honey
L_lovelyanimal21: i promise
Buck: are you sure?
L_lovelyanimal21: Yes honey
Buck: okay, Honey ... it is just this, but don't worry ... I am pretty much ok
Buck: .... but I had an accident coming home this afternoon
L_lovelyanimal21: what?
L_lovelyanimal21: why?
Buck: ... a chicken truck sideswiped me and put my truck into the ditch
L_lovelyanimal21: Oh..thats Bad
L_lovelyanimal21: and what happened next ?
Buck: Well, as it turned out, when the Deputy came to investigate, it turned out that it was a friend of mine
Buck: so he helped get my truck out of the ditch
L_lovelyanimal21: ok
L_lovelyanimal21: next?
L_lovelyanimal21: u feeling okay?
Buck: well, the truck is still driveable, but needs to be fixed
Buck: I'm doing okay, Loveth, my love .... but my head and back hurt some
L_lovelyanimal21: ok
L_lovelyanimal21: oh...
L_lovelyanimal21: so what did ur friend do?
Buck: well, he wanted me to go to the hospital to have the doctors look me over
L_lovelyanimal21: so what did u say?
Buck: I told him I thought maybe I"d be okay if I just came on home, if the truck was driveable
L_lovelyanimal21: ok
Buck: (Also, I know those doctors ... they charge too much and are quacks)
Buck: So he said he would follow me home, just in case
L_lovelyanimal21: ok
L_lovelyanimal21: is he there with you?

Probably worried that he's looking over my shoulder here

Buck: oh, no ... he went off duty at 6, and it was past that time when we got home, so he went left me here and went home to his wife and daughter
L_lovelyanimal21: ok
L_lovelyanimal21: so how is ur body doing now?
Buck: I'm sore, Loveth, my Dearest! My head and back still hurt some, and now my left side is feeling likd someone is holding a 2 by 4 to it
L_lovelyanimal21: thats bad
L_lovelyanimal21: i think u need to see a doctor..

Awww ... how sweet!

L_lovelyanimal21: so are u willing to help me honey
L_lovelyanimal21: ?

But has a LOT of bulldog in her

Buck: Maybe so, Dearest, but I will see how I feel tomorrow ... and then I have to talk to my agent.
Buck: ... because I know I will have to pay for some of the repair ... I just don't know how much right now
L_lovelyanimal21: ok
Buck: Can you do something for me?
L_lovelyanimal21: how much do u have now..?
L_lovelyanimal21: what is that honey?
Buck: It would help me a great deal if you could email me a picture of yourself
Buck: can you do that?
L_lovelyanimal21: yes sure
Buck: I think having a nice picture of you would help me feel better while I am trying to get better ... especially if I have to go to the hospital
L_lovelyanimal21: ok
L_lovelyanimal21: how much do u have with you now?

Yep, a LOT of Bulldog

Buck: I only have about 450, Sugar ... and I KNOW I'm going to have to spend most of that for the deductible on my repair .... and if I go to the hospital .... I don't know what I'll do
L_lovelyanimal21: but ur friend is willing to help honey..
L_lovelyanimal21: can u help me with 150$ so that i can use to feed and pay for my medications honey..

Well, at least the price came down

Buck: He has his wife and daughter to feed, Loveth
L_lovelyanimal21: i have told my company about you and they said they will be sending you the when u cash it u will take it from there i mean the 150 nu are lending me
Buck: I cannot ask him for money now, especially as did not charge me anything
Buck: .... with anything, which would have made my insurance rates go up up up
L_lovelyanimal21: Yes i know..but he was willing to take you to the hospital..Right so he is a Nice Man not like others they will do it and Run away..
Buck: lol .. ugh .. hurts to laugh, honey
Buck: but the joke is on them, because they lost most of their chickens!
L_lovelyanimal21: y?
L_lovelyanimal21: well Human Life is more important than Chickens okay..
Buck: Yes it is
L_lovelyanimal21: so he is happy that u are alright..
Buck: Yes he is, and I am glad that you are also
Buck: do you need my email address, Darling?
L_lovelyanimal21: okay cool
L_lovelyanimal21: but u need to help me with the 150 honey
L_lovelyanimal21: i truelly need it okay
Buck: it's
L_lovelyanimal21: maybe 19th of this month they will s end you my pay check..
L_lovelyanimal21: when u cash it u take ur 150 out it and send me the rest..
Buck: can you wait until my next payday, Loveth? Because I am afraid I must go to see the doctor tonight myself, even though I don't like those quack doctors in town
L_lovelyanimal21: honey i know..but u need to help me honey
L_lovelyanimal21: u know when u s end me 150 u will still 300 as remain b4 19th u will get my pay check.the money ill get ur money honey u are lending me the money not giving me
Buck: You want me to get better, don't you? Doctors will probably want 500, if not more ... and I don't know where I'll get that
L_lovelyanimal21: i know honey..

Time to set up an exit ... bang on the keyboard

Buck: o rkpwe
Buck: rwwwwqyiyrqkaq
L_lovelyanimal21: but the doctors in the states are understanding than the ones here in africa
L_lovelyanimal21: what are u typing?
Buck: yyyeopra
Buck: sorry
Buck: my head must have hit the keyboard
L_lovelyanimal21: Guess what?
L_lovelyanimal21: how?
Buck: I must have blacked out for a second ... sorry
Buck: I think I better get offline and call an ambulance
Buck: I love you!
L_lovelyanimal21: love ya


at this point, I went Invisible, but stayed online.

In the meantime, I DID receive an email ... headers follow:

Received: from []
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 16:42:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Loveth Brown" <>

Subject: my pixxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Received: from []
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 13:37:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Loveth Brown" <>
Subject: Fwd: My Picx....

and finally .... PICTURES!!!



Now remember, folks ... Humans are more important than chickens .... BUT $$$ trumps 'em all!
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