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duchess, Major Patrick Ryan Smith,

African scammers posing as military personnel.
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duchess, Major Patrick Ryan Smith,

Postby camelion » Sun Jan 31, 2010 7:19 am

sorry every one. I had started to post this one last night and had a lot of other information but bumped a wrong button and lost it some where. I think this will help any way and I will add to the post as I find the information that I lost. So frustrating. :oops:


X-Originating-IP: []

Sent: Saturday, 30 January 2010 5:10:03 AM
To: xxxxxxxxxx
5 attachments | Download all attachments (290.9 KB)
1.jpg (66.2 KB), 1 (1).jpg (94.6 KB), 1 (2).jpg (43.3 KB), 1 (3).jpg (46.1 KB), 1 (4).jpg (40.7 KB)

Hello dear,
am called PATRICK DANSO USA army officer who lives at PHIL.i really like sports,especially BASKETBALL ..i also like reading and like watching horror honest loving and caring as a faithful person.i have one son called RYAN who lives with my care take but the government look after him.i really like him a lot and also proud of my uncle as well because he was the one who took care of me but he also passed away some yours ago. .he took me to the army because he wanted me to be a great man like him and now here i am but he is not any more..i also want my son to be a great man become like me..i lost my parents when i was at the age of 12 years in a plane i don't have any family expect my son and uncle .am the STAFF SARGENT MAJOR in the army .i have been in the army for the past 27 years and will be come home soon as am ready to retired .i use to help my uncle when i was a kid..i help him to sell goods in a shop.we manage it and then later told me to go to the army .when i come home,i will like to open a shop but i don't really know the type of shop it will be good for as time goes on and know each other,i will seek some advice from normally online so.i use to train the boys in the army and also take them to patrol.they really like me alot because i treat them like my own brothers.there are alot of people here who like to be in a relationship with me but am careful because i my wife broke my heart and don't want that to happen to me again,i saw here sleeping around with other men.i don't talk to her or see here again in my am looking for some one who will share my life and also understand things easily.i want some one who don't get angry easily i don't drink or smoke,am a goal of dream in life is to find the one who will be with me and love forever and ever.i dislike lairs and unsuspected people. i also like does who are faithful and respectful.what is dream about at night is to be with the one who will stick with me and i always know that my dream will come true .am now in IRAQ for peace keeping but will come home in 2 months time.i have been in IRAQ for the past 6 years an willing to come home and see my son.i think that what i can tell you about me for if there is anything you want to know you just tell me.......................

28/01/2010 11:44:16 AM esmay duchess hi, how are you
28/01/2010 11:44:29 AM duchess esmay Doing Great
28/01/2010 11:44:33 AM duchess esmay Nice to meet you here
28/01/2010 11:44:43 AM esmay duchess nice to meet you too
28/01/2010 11:44:48 AM duchess esmay How are you doing today?
28/01/2010 11:44:58 AM esmay duchess tell me your full name and how old are you
28/01/2010 11:45:22 AM esmay duchess i am well, just got in from town.
28/01/2010 11:45:48 AM duchess esmay I am Sargent Major Patrick...49yrs old
28/01/2010 11:46:21 AM esmay duchess I see and where are you stationd sargent.
28/01/2010 11:46:52 AM duchess esmay Iraq noq
28/01/2010 11:46:55 AM duchess esmay now
28/01/2010 11:47:23 AM esmay duchess so is that where you are now or you on leave
28/01/2010 11:48:05 AM esmay duchess what is your job in iraq
28/01/2010 11:48:38 AM duchess esmay I am from US army stay alone with my son Ryan in the state (Pa) but now in Iraq fr peace keeping but will retire soon that is why i joined
28/01/2010 11:49:38 AM duchess esmay So tell me alittle about you too
28/01/2010 11:50:10 AM esmay duchess please let me read what you have written.
28/01/2010 11:50:37 AM duchess esmay Okay
28/01/2010 11:52:39 AM esmay duchess Pa ?
28/01/2010 11:52:56 AM duchess esmay Yes
28/01/2010 11:53:18 AM esmay duchess single , no , kids, working,
28/01/2010 11:53:35 AM duchess esmay What?
28/01/2010 11:53:35 AM esmay duchess what is pa
28/01/2010 11:53:42 AM duchess esmay Phil
28/01/2010 11:54:02 AM esmay duchess can you put up a picture so I can see your face.
28/01/2010 11:54:33 AM duchess esmay Yes i have a photo with my son on there cant you see it?
28/01/2010 11:54:42 AM duchess esmay Do you have a cam?
28/01/2010 11:55:17 AM esmay duchess I cannot see your face. yes I do
28/01/2010 11:56:36 AM duchess esmay Oh okay i will send alittle about me with some photos of me and my son into your mail okay
28/01/2010 11:57:05 AM esmay duchess ok that will be great. it will save time here.
28/01/2010 11:57:15 AM duchess esmay Please open your cam okay
28/01/2010 11:57:45 AM esmay duchess have you got one.
28/01/2010 11:58:09 AM duchess esmay Not on here with this laptop okay...sorry dear
28/01/2010 11:58:26 AM duchess esmay Please open your cam so i can see your pretty face okay
28/01/2010 11:59:13 AM esmay duchess when you have yours on as well and I know a little bit more about you. ok
28/01/2010 12:03:52 PM esmay duchess I am waiting for you to answer
28/01/2010 12:04:10 PM duchess esmay Answer what Dear?
28/01/2010 12:04:30 PM esmay duchess about your cam
28/01/2010 12:04:55 PM duchess esmay I said no i dont have one on this laptop okay
28/01/2010 12:05:59 PM esmay duchess yes I know that is why I said when you are on one or I know more about you.
28/01/2010 12:06:05 PM esmay duchess maybe tomorrow.
28/01/2010 12:06:29 PM duchess esmay Whatever
28/01/2010 12:07:25 PM esmay duchess well you do not seem interested now. why.
28/01/2010 12:07:48 PM duchess esmay Becos you seem not to believe or trust me
28/01/2010 12:08:16 PM esmay duchess why do you think that. I am just getting to know you
28/01/2010 12:08:24 PM esmay duchess I would like to see you too.
28/01/2010 12:08:29 PM duchess esmay Yes but you also seem to wired
28/01/2010 12:08:47 PM esmay duchess what do you mean wired.
28/01/2010 12:09:04 PM duchess esmay Means you sound upset
28/01/2010 12:09:48 PM esmay duchess no, I am fine.
28/01/2010 12:10:21 PM esmay duchess I am not upset. just trying to ask things to get to know you better.
28/01/2010 12:11:25 PM duchess esmay I see
28/01/2010 12:11:29 PM duchess esmay So are you married
28/01/2010 12:12:16 PM esmay duchess no I am not married.
28/01/2010 12:12:25 PM duchess esmay Do you have kids?
28/01/2010 12:13:04 PM esmay duchess 3 all grown up and left home.
28/01/2010 12:13:10 PM duchess esmay Oh i see
28/01/2010 12:13:18 PM duchess esmay So how old are you too?
28/01/2010 12:13:32 PM esmay duchess 53
28/01/2010 12:13:40 PM duchess esmay What do you also do for living?
28/01/2010 12:14:06 PM esmay duchess I am not working at the moment but I am in the hosp industry
28/01/2010 12:14:18 PM duchess esmay How do you mean?
28/01/2010 12:14:29 PM esmay duchess on leave
28/01/2010 12:14:58 PM duchess esmay Oh i see
28/01/2010 12:15:07 PM duchess esmay So what do you do in the hospital?
28/01/2010 12:15:38 PM esmay duchess clean floors and toilets.
28/01/2010 12:15:46 PM duchess esmay Oh i see
28/01/2010 12:16:10 PM esmay duchess not a nice job but the money is good and some one has to do it.
28/01/2010 12:16:19 PM duchess esmay And do you stay in your own house?
28/01/2010 12:17:36 PM esmay duchess yes I own it .
28/01/2010 12:17:49 PM duchess esmay Okay
28/01/2010 12:18:25 PM duchess esmay Hmmm i dont know if my age will be okay for you
28/01/2010 12:18:50 PM esmay duchess why is that.
28/01/2010 12:19:23 PM duchess esmay I dont know but you are 53 and i am 49 is that okay for a pretty woman like you?
28/01/2010 12:20:49 PM esmay duchess you would hardly know the difference. I look young for my age.
28/01/2010 12:21:06 PM esmay duchess you may look older than me. men usually do
28/01/2010 12:21:43 PM duchess esmay Oh i see
28/01/2010 12:21:52 PM duchess esmay So do you mean my age is okay for you?
28/01/2010 12:23:02 PM esmay duchess yes if it is for you
28/01/2010 12:23:20 PM duchess esmay So tell me what are you looking for on
28/01/2010 12:24:00 PM esmay duchess some one nice but I am not having much luck
28/01/2010 12:24:10 PM duchess esmay Oh i see
28/01/2010 12:25:07 PM duchess esmay So tell me how long have you ben on tagged?
28/01/2010 12:26:17 PM esmay duchess I think for about 3/4 weeks now. not very long
28/01/2010 12:26:38 PM duchess esmay Oh i see
28/01/2010 12:27:14 PM esmay duchess brb
28/01/2010 12:27:24 PM duchess esmay Okay
28/01/2010 12:29:59 PM esmay duchess I have to go now ..will be back later.
30/01/2010 3:14:54 PM esmay duchess hello duchess
30/01/2010 3:15:30 PM duchess esmay Hey i am not duchess okay
30/01/2010 3:15:36 PM duchess esmay I am Major Patrick
30/01/2010 3:16:00 PM esmay duchess sorry, just wrote your online name.
30/01/2010 3:17:27 PM esmay duchess are you there. you going to talk to me.
30/01/2010 3:17:33 PM duchess esmay I see
30/01/2010 3:17:43 PM duchess esmay Nice to meet you once again
30/01/2010 3:17:48 PM esmay duchess are you upset with me for calling you that.
30/01/2010 3:17:49 PM duchess esmay How are you doing today?
30/01/2010 3:18:09 PM esmay duchess same to you. what have you been doing last couple of days.
30/01/2010 3:18:19 PM esmay duchess I am well. been a bit busy
30/01/2010 3:19:43 PM duchess esmay Yes i always come here to talk to you and you always offline to me so you rather made me lose you
30/01/2010 3:20:03 PM esmay duchess what do yo mean
30/01/2010 3:20:13 PM esmay duchess made me lose you
30/01/2010 3:20:43 PM esmay duchess so you are not interested in me anymore.
30/01/2010 3:21:01 PM duchess esmay I never said that okay
30/01/2010 3:21:19 PM duchess esmay You always offline which makes me miss you online that is what i mean Dear
30/01/2010 3:21:59 PM esmay duchess well I am sorry, I some times leave my sign off as too many come on and I cannot talk to so many at once.
30/01/2010 3:22:44 PM duchess esmay Oh i see, that is why i want to allow you talk to your other men okay
30/01/2010 3:23:12 PM duchess esmay I dont want you to feel i am trying to take you away from your man okay...It seems you talk to soo many men
30/01/2010 3:23:33 PM esmay duchess but I dont mean other men . some are women friends and my family.
30/01/2010 3:24:24 PM esmay duchess i only have a couple I am trying to answer and decide if they are interested really in me as who I am.
30/01/2010 3:24:52 PM duchess esmay Whatever
30/01/2010 3:24:54 PM esmay duchess just like you. I want to get to know you and see if you are honest with me in want you want.
30/01/2010 3:25:40 PM duchess esmay Okay but do i look and sound like a game player?
30/01/2010 3:25:51 PM esmay duchess well you do not seem to have a good understanding of working on a relationship
30/01/2010 3:26:18 PM esmay duchess I do not know as I have not seen you and I dont know that much about you
30/01/2010 3:26:43 PM duchess esmay Okay fine what do you want to know ask me and i will answer you okay
30/01/2010 3:26:43 PM esmay duchess I cannot even see your face. you wont talk to me on cam.
30/01/2010 3:27:36 PM duchess esmay I told you i dont have a cam okay....
30/01/2010 3:28:25 PM esmay duchess well , what about the box that you put your pic in on your page.
30/01/2010 3:29:01 PM duchess esmay Did i send you the photos of me and my son?
30/01/2010 3:29:33 PM esmay duchess no I have not received any photos.
30/01/2010 3:30:02 PM esmay duchess just the one on your page with you giving your son a cuddle.
30/01/2010 3:30:36 PM duchess esmay Hnag on i will send them now okay
30/01/2010 3:31:19 PM esmay duchess send to my email.
30/01/2010 3:31:47 PM duchess esmay Okay
30/01/2010 3:31:52 PM duchess esmay give me the email address?
30/01/2010 3:32:16 PM esmay duchess
30/01/2010 3:32:57 PM esmay duchess I have just had a call and need to go . I am sorry. I may come back on
30/01/2010 3:32:58 PM duchess esmay Okay hang on
30/01/2010 3:33:21 PM duchess esmay Okay whatever, you are not stable Dear
30/01/2010 3:33:26 PM esmay duchess Please just send and i will reply later..
30/01/2010 3:33:39 PM duchess esmay Okay
30/01/2010 3:33:51 PM esmay duchess no, I have been called to a family matter.
30/01/2010 3:34:00 PM esmay duchess bye for now.
30/01/2010 3:34:07 PM duchess esmay Okay
30/01/2010 3:34:10 PM duchess esmay Bye for now too
30/01/2010 5:22:17 PM duchess esmay Are you talking to another man?
30/01/2010 5:23:03 PM esmay duchess no I am not but does it matter or not
30/01/2010 5:23:45 PM esmay duchess what was your profile on tagged.
30/01/2010 5:24:14 PM esmay duchess I am trying to find your messages to me and I forget your first one. I want to keep it.
30/01/2010 5:24:26 PM duchess esmay I deleted my account on the first day you asked me to add you on here becos i felt i have found the right woman
30/01/2010 5:26:51 PM esmay duchess oh really, well can you remember what you messaged me under so I can search my emails
30/01/2010 5:27:12 PM duchess esmay Hmm not really
30/01/2010 5:27:14 PM esmay duchess I want to keep them in a folder
30/01/2010 5:27:34 PM esmay duchess was it duchess or something else.
30/01/2010 5:27:57 PM duchess esmay No
30/01/2010 5:28:56 PM esmay duchess anyway I have been looking for too long. I am tired and I need to go. thanks for the pics and email. I will answer later ok. I am sad now that i cannot find them
30/01/2010 5:29:25 PM esmay duchess will try again later. bye take care.






duchess, Major Patrick Ryan Smith,


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Re: duchess tagged

Postby Cina » Sun Jan 31, 2010 3:06 pm

That man wrote to me for about six days ago.
He has a profile on Badoo.
His name there is Shady he is 50 years and live in United PA.
He have the same photo on Badoo.
He claim to be in the US army.
But I didn't gave him my mail or msn because I feelt something was wrong here :thinking:
Take care....Cina.

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Re: duchess tagged

Postby camelion » Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:26 am

hi cina, thank you for that information. He is a real scammer shit. I have been baiting him for information to espose him and post him on here. I hope it saves someone.

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Steve Moore,

Postby Marisa » Mon Apr 23, 2012 4:24 am

lonelysteve60 on matchdoctor

51-year-old Male
Seeking Women: 38 - 65
Dallas, Texas, United States
Last Activity: Yesterday

about myself:
I am very handsome man. I like to communicate with intelligent and interesting people. I know how to make friendship I am an optimist by nature. I have calm and well balanced character. I am very romantic and sensitive. People say that I am very kind, considerate and caring, sometimes shy but very open and sincere. When it comes to the relations I devote my whole soul to the woman I want to be my other half. I am very giving and loyal.

job: Political/Govt/Civil Service/Military
about my work:
Well i do love my job so much i'm proud to be serving my country


Hello my dear how are u doing i hope u are doing good well am very honest and serious man and am here looking for a honest and caring woman in my life a woman that i can love and trust so my dear if u are interested in me email me on this email address steve_moore2011 at yahoo dot com so that we can talk and know more each other well better i hope to hear from u soon....





Received: from [] by via HTTP; Sun, 22 Apr 2012 01:17:44 PDT
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 01:17:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: Steve Moore <>

Well my dear am USA Army and am in Afghanistan serving my country i have been here for 5months now and am on the site here looking for a serious and honest woman in my life a woman that i can love and trust for the rest of my life so my dear if u are interested in me we can talk here and know more each other well better .... - Ghana

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Gary; <>

Postby IceFM » Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:01 pm

Username: garys5


Location: United States

User IP

Second assignment for Scancom Ltd (MTN NS Connection) to setup 2 x DS3 connections to London and Amsterdam. This will connect into the MTN NS IP MPLS Core and allow us greater bandwidth to support our Data Services market.
H Srinivas Rao
41 A, Auto Parts Building,
Graphic Road,
South Industrial Area.
P.O. Box 281 International Trade Fair LA,
Accra, Ghana

Full Name



About me
i am very simple. open minded and honest.

Come from
United States

City, State, Province
New York

Marital Status

Native American

millitary man

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Re: duchess, Major Patrick Ryan Smith,

Postby Angie1968 » Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:53 pm

This guy has also contacted me from Topface. he is calling himself Martin Caan and his email is he has sent me the same pictures you have posted. Thanks as I have been scammed before and I check now before talking to them 2 much.

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Re: duchess, Major Patrick Ryan Smith,

Postby minerva » Mon Mar 18, 2013 7:51 am leads to FB
Martin Caan
Worked at Ask Me
Studied at ask me
Lives in Long Beach, CaliforniaFrom Iowa City, Iowa
Joined Facebook
March 3

pics already in RS
to help you how to post and other read the FAQ viewtopic.php?f=74&t=83893

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Re: Steve Moore,

Postby Myra » Sat Jul 13, 2013 4:01 pm

male - 51 years, Texas City, United States
Name Steve Moore

Sex: Male
Age: 53
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Race: Native American
stevve moore
49, Male, Single
Austin, Texas

About Me
What can I tell you about me? I have a lot to tell. I lead a really
active way of life. I cannot imagine my life without sports,
theater and music. I am a many-sided person. I know how to
have fun and how to be happy in a beautiful way I am a very
spontaneous person, but a lot of people tell me that I am the
one who always has everything in order. I like living according to
my personal plan, I like achieving what I am going to, but my
passionate soul needs adventurous

pics already posted

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Shadrack Ansah,

Postby Myra » Sat Jul 13, 2013 4:03 pm

Shadrack A
Member Since: March 29, 2010
Gender: Male
Location: New York, NY
Age: 56

hello my name is shady and i am new member here seeking for a serious woman that can be my Good Friend love and spend all my life with this is my email address pleas reply me soon with your address so that i will add you too

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with this pic

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Col. Bart Hills,

Postby Bix » Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:40 am

male - 54 years, Mission Viejo, United States

Attention please
How are you doing? My names are Colonel Bart Hills an officer of the U.S Army NATO Afghanistan. I just moved to Afghanistan from Iraq as one of the last batch that just left, During my services in Iraq, I was been able to secure Three Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollar($3.5 million U.S Dollars) which is my own share of the money we shared among ourselves from the money we discovered in Iraq.
I want to hand over these funds to a Trust Worthy Person that will use it the way I will instructed the person. I took this decision due to my healthy condition. Could you be trusted? Kindly get back to me for the instruction and other detail and please send me your name and mobile number for easy communication
You will find the story of this money on the web address below. After we have submitted the money the remaining part we shares for ourselves .
Please kindly keep this transaction Confidential because I am still serving in the Military camp in Afghanistan. Kindly get back to me fast on email (
Best Regard
Col. Hills Bart
Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.....
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