Chris Beckford;

African scammers posing as white men.

Chris Beckford;

Postby Mirjam on Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:45 pm

This man is on tagged:


IP adress: - OC3 Network again

His profile:

Chris B

Profiel Skin: Default
Motto: Honesty
Lid Sedert: 4 September, 2012
Geslacht: Man
Leeftijd: 51
Relatie Status: Vrijgezel
Geïnteresseerd In: Dating, Serieuze Relatie
Talen: English, Deutsch, తెలుగు
MBO/HBO/Universiteit: Los Angeles Valley College '81
Over Mij
Gospel, blues and hip pop
reality show
bibles :mrgreen:
reading, traveling and meeting new people
live life to the fullest
Beste Beschrijvingen:
swimming and talking
Over Mij:
Am easy going man and down to earth, I hate lies and games, so scammers give way :mrgreen:

His message to me:

Hello pretty I care to know you as friends over here, am Chris by name from Houston

His email to me:

Hello Pretty :love:

How are you doing today ? I hope cool , thanks for getting back to me . I will be so happy to learn more about you,and see how i goes from here. :disagree: I honestly want to move on with you. We never can tell what the future might hold for us . Just like a rose, so precious and rare, is the forever friendship the two of us will share. Planted with kindness, it's warmed by the sun of caring and sharing, laughter and fun.

It's grounded in trust and nurtured by love, with a sprinkling of grace from God up above. :evil: Am Chris Beck Ford from Houston Texas, a single dad with 2 children raised in a Christian home. I have a sister is married and has two children. She lives in California with her husband. I am a contractor drilling crude oil. :twisted: I am currently working on a project with Shell Oil Company in Nigeria Gulf of Mexico. :twisted:

I have 4 weeks to complete this project. My hobbies are reading, swimming at the beach, have dinner by candle light. My favorite color is blue. I am honest, respectful, understanding, fun to be with. I hate lies. :mrgreen: Life is too short to be single, I think I should stop here for now. I will be very happy to read more about you. :disagree: Thanks for your time.

Bye, Mirjam ;)
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Re: Chris Beckford;

Postby Myra on Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:51 am

on with this email address
Location: Young America, Minnesota, United States
Ethnicity: Native American

The email searches are done with SPOKEO. Try it yourself !
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