Daniel Evans, ambitiousdaniel11@gmail.com

African scammers posing as white men.

Daniel Evans, ambitiousdaniel11@gmail.com

Postby scottishladyca on Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:48 pm

pictures are stolen from a Turkish blogger CEMALETTİN Ç.

Daniel Evans <ambitiousdaniel11@gmail.com>

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( this fooled me into thinking he was from Canada)

He approached me on Zoosk but when I went back on he was not there. He said he lived in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Thanks for the swift response,...I so much believe that when we meet online we can now get closer and talk better.Concerning what i do for living and about myself. I felt is important to let you know my personality .My name is Daniel Evans and i'm mixed race,My mom is from Spain while my dad is from New York,USA. I was born in the states but i lived in Spain when i was age 5 to 12 so that made me have an accent but a sexy one though, i am 62 years old, to me age is just numbers and distance only make the heart grow fonder, both are not barrier to love.I am a Construction Engineer .I own a home in Barneveld, NY and that is where i live... ..Yea my profile stated that i was Canada because i open it while i was there few weeks back for a seminar but i am back in New York now.Distance is not an issue for me as i can relocate for the right woman.I was once married but i lost my wife 10 years ago,she just wont wake up the next day that really sucks and make life unbearable for me in the first place but right now i need to move on and be strong ,things like that really hurt but i guess she is in a better place now..i have a Son who is 25 years old and a grandson .i am searching for a serious woman . i hate games and i am an enemy of divorce . i love to be with my woman... I am 6 feet tall and i am an indoor type but enjoy some out doors like going to cinema and museum...I would like my future woman to value my inner heart and my romantic soul.I am an easy going type,open minded i laugh a lot and i try to make people around me happy all the time..I am an hardworking man,i love to cuddle while watching a movie with my woman, I enjoy life and I need my soul mate to share all wonderful things which life gives. Long conversation about different things,whispering at nights about nothings, meeting people, reading, being on nature, all these things make my life better. it is impossible to have full harmony without my second half, which can make my life perfect,full of love and understanding. I love children . May be I can enumerate some of my interests as I have a lot of them. I am a curios person and I like to know new things. Psychology and philosophy helps me better understand myself. I think self improving helps to live and avoid stress in future. I like to read interesting books, history most of all. I like history and I feel terrific when I touch the walls of old palaces. Nature is my passion, beauty is in harmony . That`s all I can say about it. I go to the sea at summer, love to go camping, hiking, beaches and like few other man I like to dance, to laugh and enjoy life as it is.I do not look for definite age or country. I am ready to follow my partner wherever .I would like my future partner to be honest and kind, who has a romantic soul and responsibility for her family. Mutual understanding, love and care are very important things for two people who wants to be happy together.I am happy to live, optimistic, energetic person. I am sociable, communicate, benevolent, honest and family oriented. I am faithful. My interests are: traveling, sport, music, dancing, theaters, and cinematography. I find myself always happy, because I live in this world. I dream to meet my special woman and spend the rest of our life together as family. I wish her to be careful, open-minded, honest, generous and loving children. My dad was a good christian and i have all my upbringing in the way of God setting and this really helped me .I am here looking for someone that will show me love and care again,i believe a woman that want me forever must have this and must be ready to build a happy home that will last forever and will be an enemy of divorce .I will like to know more about you and tell me more about what you are looking for and more about your family . Hope to hear from you again..Looking forward to your response



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