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Check if an IP address was used in scams before.
Check if this is a known bad IP used by Nigerian scammers.


- do not enter full email headers, only IP address, with no blank spaces
- do not enter IPs starting with 10., those are wrong IPs
- if a scammer uses Yahoo, the correct IP will be in the last "Received from" line,
above X-Mailer and Date
- if a scammer uses Gmail or Hotmail, there will be no sender IP in headers,
do not use this form, unless it is a Russian scammer with TheBat!

  *This database doesn't include IPs from Asia (except Malaysia) and from Latin America

enter IP:

**We constantly add new IPs to the database, but it is impossible to include all proxies.
Besides, new bad IPs come out every day, just like new viruses.
If IP is not found in the database, it might be a very fresh one.