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Re: Time to share my story

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 12:17 am
by Ladyleny
Someone got my email and sent me message. I asked him how he got my email and i read in your forum how a scammer get info of their victims. I went on a ride only for 3 days. He kept on asking for my personal details but all i did was asked more of his details. Then i told him to use a skype for me to see him in video. When he made so many excuses, thats the time i attacked him about his limited knowledge of the area where he lives. Being a military man their name is listed publicly and i told him his name doesnt exist. He told me he sent me many of his pictures but i said its not enough that i will not send him any of ky picture unless i see him in person or even in skype. I told him i dont want to think that he may be a scammer from nigeria or south africa. Saying so, he just said goodbye and cut me off from his skype. So my advice to anyone who wants to do datin on site, use skype and see them in actual video. If he has so manya alibi, then its a red flag he is scammer.

Re: Time to share my story

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 12:26 am
by minerva
thanks for the post ladyleny :) .
seem you posted your own pic so i edited out of it. we keep hide the true identity of the poster.
could you please post more detail about him ? his pic, email ID, where do you meet, email or copy chat with him ?

Re: Time to share my story

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2016 4:46 pm
by Wingman182
Well here we are again in December. A month that is usually an anniversary mixed with the spirit of the season, and the hell I had gone through. I had written about this anniversary in more detail in this thread.

Seven years later / Still can't forget ... 22&t=93319

But this time things have been some what different. I'm recovering from knee surgery that I had performed earlier last month. And it has proven to be a very effective diversion helping to keep my thoughts in the here and now rather then reflecting back to the past.
So this year instead of having to work at keeping a holiday frame of mind, my thoughts have been focused on getting my knee stronger and my whole leg in general back into shape.
Which is also why I have not been around much lately. That and I figured it probably would NOT be a good idea to post while under the influence of narcotic pain killers. :party:
On the other hand those could have ended up being highly entertaining.

The point is that as far as Decembers go this one has not been so bad this time. And I'm confident that it's going to continue that way throughout till the end of the year.
It's nice for a change to be able to say that so far this December,,, has been okay.

Re: Time to share my story

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 4:20 am
by Igulinka
Thank you for sharing.
We wish you Merry Christmas , very happy and healthy New Year and speedy recovery. Hope your dreams will come true in New 2017 Year.

Re: Time to share my story

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:12 pm
by madandscared

I also want to share my story. Sharing makes it more bearable. I also lost money and of course my heart. And on top of that I send nude pics. The last part is giving me the most stress. I have deactivated all my social media accounts; hopefully not too late.
I met the person on a lesbian dating app. Never knew they were also on those. But of course the signs were there but I just ignored them because I was certain that scammers don't go on dating apps (this was not a website because it is only an app version). The person was named Sharon Riggs Nguyen, a sergeant in the US Military based in Ukraine.
I did my research and there were US soldiers based there. I did Google Reverse Image and nothing came up. So I thought it was legit. Of course in a short amount of time I was her forever love and we would be together forever and ever. And all of the sudden, she had problems with the connection and wanted to get off the app...entering Hangout.
After the grooming phase, she started asking me to help her because she was not allowed to handle money over there. Started with a small amount and eventually it grew and grew. I send money through Moneygram and bank transfers.
We talked on the phone and she had such a sweet voice. At one point I told her that I did not have anymore money to send for the requests. She did not pressure me or blackmailed me. We just chatted and it was fun.
Then the scammer made a mistake by sending me a pic of the lady they used where there was a name written on a screen (it was a competition). I checked the name and that is how I found out I was being scammed. The girl was on Instagram and there was were they took the photos to send to me. I confronted the person and she said that yes, she made a mistake and used someone else's pic and asked me for forgiveness.
One day I received a call via Hangouts and I talked to one of the scammers which was a girl of 22 years old, living in Accra, Ghana. She explained to me why she did it and told me that others were texting me and asking me for money. She was only there for the voice and sometimes texting me to have phone and chat sex (for her sake).
She told me not to give out my home address and working place when they would ask me.
And yes, I received a text one day where they asked me for my address to send flowers. Gave them a bogus address. After that, I deleted my gmail was really stressing.
I am from South America and getting these situations reported is useless.
Only thing I am stressing about are my nude pics. Only time will tell.


Pic of the person they used

Re: Time to share my story

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:49 pm
by Wingman182
Hello madandscared and welcome to R.S.
I am deeply sorry that you had been drawn in by these criminals, but I would also like to thank you for sharing your story. I hope it truly help some just getting it out.
We are all in this together no matter who we are or where we come from. Here gender does not matter. Neither does race, religion, or even sexual preferences. We are all united by this one single cause.
We have all been effected by this crime in one form or another. And you are not alone.

“I was certain that scammers don't go on dating apps (this was not a website because it is only an app version).”
In this day and age we can not take anything like this for granted. Scammers in many ways are no different then other cyber-criminals. They learn and evolve with growing technology. And with all of the new forms of social media out there. Be assured that scammers are taking advantage of every single one of them in the hopes of fishing for victims in as many ways as they can.

“Only thing I am stressing about are my nude pics. Only time will tell.”
Scammer will often try to use information like this to threaten black mail, or to intimidate in order to get a victim to pay them more money. However they will gain nothing by going through with their threats. For them the name of the game is money. If these threats work they get more money. But if the threats do not work using these photos in any way will still pays them nothing. They will just keep moving on with their other paying victims.
Plus because you have closed down all of your accounts they should not even be able to contact you. You may wish to change your phone number though.
But everything considered I think you can relax about this one even as unnerving as it is.

“I send money through Moneygram and bank transfers.”
If these scammers have your banking information CLOSE DOWN that account ASAP and open a different back account.

One last thing. Please remember you will always have friends here if you need to talk.

Re: Time to share my story

Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 3:33 pm
by PennaLady
If they have your banking information, you need to contact your bank and tell them criminals may be trying to use it. It will keep you from beng suspected of cooperating with the scammers if they use your account to steal from others.