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Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2008 11:07 pm
by FrumpyBB
ImageImage Russian Federation (Yoshkar-ola)
Hello B I have been pleasantly surprised having seen your
letter to me and I want to correspond with you. But before I want to
tell about myself that you have little bit better learned me and I
also hope that you will tell a little about yourself that we have
better learned each other. I think it to us strongly will help to come
nearer to our dream and we shall find common language. I live in
Russia it very far from your house, whether also I do not know you
were sometime here. My city refers to Kazan. It is small city, but
very beautiful and me here very much it is pleasant to live. Now to me
of 29 years and I still have not found the of the partner in life,
second half. I the romantic person and not looking on that that
everyone speak that the love at first sight does not happen, I believe
in it. I want to find this person that when I have found him I have
understood at once, that it is really that of whom I always searched.
I am cheerful and almost always cheerful, I like to feel confidence.
It is pleasant for me when behind my shoulder there is self-assured,
strong and beautiful a man which at any moment can stand for itself
and for the beloved. I rather versatile woman. I can be pleased lives
and present happiness to the favourite person. All my familiar speak
that very easily to communicate with me and that I very kind and
sociable person as speak " soul of the company ". But not looking on
all this I and could not find to myself the man in Russia. If you knew
B last time Russian men very chilly concern to women. It is
much more interesting to them to drink or sit with friends. I was not
married, but I some times met and I can tell only one, that after
several appointments at them all interest vanishes. Also my unmarried
girlfriends also speak. Russian men degrade, him it is more
interesting alcohol, instead of beautiful Russian women and it very
much irritates me. Recently I have received the letter from the
girlfriend, she lives in USA, in staff Minnesota. She has got
acquainted with the person on the Internet and has left to i. She has
written, that is very happy and has told to me that I vainly spend
time for searches here And have convinced me to try to find the love
on the Internet. But all the same for me it is such uncertainty and a
riddle. I very much am afraid to be mistaken and disappointed. I
simply want to be happy and loved and for the sake of this person I am
ready to go on all. I shall be cares and to respect him. You know
B I also I love gymnastics and very much I like to float. I
simply adore to float in the summer on any lake, I can not get out of
water hours. I try to watch myself and the appearance because it is
very important for each woman. I as like to be alone with the nature.
I like to walk in the evening on city. My city is near to the big
river Volga. And I like to look at water and to think of the future. I
very much love the native land. Our country very beautiful, at us very
rich nature and is a lot of lakes and rivers. I very much like to look
from a window at a sunset. I very much want to have children, but
before I think it will be necessary to solve it with the beloved, only
when we together shall decide that children, only are necessary for us
then and will be. B If you want to learn me I shall answer
closer necessarily write also I to you. In the following letter try to
tell to me as about itself and the employment. If you can that have
gone to me please the photo. I wait with impatience of your following
letter Natal'ja!!!
Dazu einige nicht jugendfreie Bilder (yikes!), die ich aber nicht poste.
Hello Dear B!!!!! I am very glad to receive again from you the
letter. It was very pleasant for me To come today in the Internet of
cafe and to see there your letter. You know, not I know why, but I
wrote last letter to you with very big Pleasure. When I wrote it, to
me for one instant suddenly It seemed, that you are near to me, and I
write to you the letter, and You at once read it. Such dumb dialogue
with the help Computer. I do not know why to me so it seemed, but it
was for me Very strange and at the same time pleasantly. It seems to
me, that it has taken place Because I already have very much got used
to you. I have very much got used to dialogue with You through the
Internet, but I every day would like to communicate with you It is
more and more and more, every day I would like to learn more and more
You, and also I would like to open completely to you. You are very
interesting To me in dialogue, me very much it is pleasant to
communicate with you, you know, I though and Not so corresponded with
people through the Internet, but me much Delivers great pleasure to
read your letters. It is a pity, that I I have so not enough
opportunity to write to you, I can write to you a maximum on In day if
I had houses a computer, to me it seems to one letter, that I would
not leave a house but only did that wrote to you. Recently I Has
understood something, I have understood that the Internet has one very
big Lack, through the Internet I cannot hear and see the person, with
Which I communicate. You know, I very much would like to meet you once
In a life. It is very interesting to me to communicate to you in a
life, after dialogue Here, on the Internet. And it is interesting to
you? It seems to me that very much Interestingly. B, I wanted
you to tell still something, I at once want To ask you a pardon for
these words if they probably will seem to you Strange but when I have
left from the Internet of cafe, to me still something It seemed. You
know, earlier when I did not know you, I everywhere went one, In the
sense that at me was nothing also to me one always was Comfortably,
certainly I always did not have the close person, but I this Shortage
very much did not feel. But now, when I have got acquainted with you,
It seems to me, that all has a little changed. Yesterday, when I have
left from The Internet of cafe, I have understood, that something does
not suffice me. I felt that I did not have not enough you. For that
time while we with you communicate I has had time Very strongly to get
used and become attached to you. Likely it sounds A little fondly, as
so can be for such short term. I do not know, As it has taken place,
now I know only that very much does not suffice me Dialogue with you.
I very much would like to communicate with you, and not only On the
Internet, but also in a life. You likely have now thought that I can
To speak not the truth, or that it can simply seem to me, but I I want
to tell to you, that the more I with you communicate, the the greater
You cause interest in me as the person, and as the man in the first
Turn, the more I would like you to learn. And still I wanted to tell
You have some about my dream, you remember, I told to you, I think,
that All this is not simple so. Certainly all this is very unreal and
Improbably, but I heard, that dreams it little bit other display Ideas
of the person when it is awake, I spoke you, that I all time I think
of you when I am when I on work when I go along the street, When I go
for work, I all time think of you. And in dream of idea The person,
gather in a single whole. And you believe in prophetic dreams, that is
in Dreams which can predict the future? I heard, that such dreams not
It happens, and there is that the person in dream thinks a little on
another, and Prophetic dream it not that another except for as skill
of the person to foresee The future also that if to understand that it
is quite logical Sequence of ideas. I do not know, whether you have
understood me, that I Wanted you to tell, but I wanted to tell that I
think that it was Not simply dream - dream. I do not want to trust
that it was simply dream. And You know, I very much would like to meet
once you in a life. Forgive, If I shocked you with the recognition a
little. I very much would like To learn your opinion. How you think,
we can once meet? And You would like it? I with the big impatience
shall wait for yours The following letter. Natal'ja
Der Bait hat grade erst angefangen (vor 2 Wochen), doch je näckter die Bilder, desto häufiger das M-Wort :
Hello my lovely B I am madly happy. At me very much Good mood!!!
My dear B, I went in tourist Agency, has learned much about
tourist trips. Soon I I plan the holiday while I still precisely do
not know when, But I very much would like to visit somewhere, I
recently started for this purpose To save money, now I have a little.

In fact I not to time where not Was also to me awfully terribly to go
there where I know nobody also I even I have no representation that I
there did one. Now to me already not enough simple correspondence
through the Internet. I very much would like to meet you to learn you
even better. Now, that I about you know all, all this to me Very much
it is pleasant in you, and all this very much involves me in you. I I
feel, that you very good person, and I very much would like to learn
You also in a life. And after long Reflections I have come to a
conclusion that probably would be wonderful if I would arrive instead
of rest to you. It would be the present rest, a number With the person
who is very interesting to me, and we with you at last that Could get
acquainted on much closer than in letters. In fact only When we can
see each other in a real life and talk the friend With the friend only
then we could understand what feelings we test To each other. I so
would like to see your smile and that as you would be It is happy if
could meet. It probably will be very healthy and Romantically. I hope
that you not against such decision, that I have gathered To go on rest
to you. It will be absolutely not a pity to me of the spent money On
road to you because I think what to spend with you for It will be most
pleasant than me on light. I miss on you and my ideas only about you.
And I am very happy that at me Such opportunity travel up to you has
appeared. In fact differently ours The meeting probably never would
take place. I hope that you You will agree with me that I have made
the correct decision to go to you in Visitors. If you certainly
against it if you do not want that I have arrived To you also has lead
the rest near to you that inform me about it! But Now at me very good
mood and fighting adjust to go to you in Visitors, because to me very
much hunting to learn to you on closer and even better. My dear
B, I talked to mother on the account of that that I want instead
of Rest for border, it is better to visit to you. Because we it is
already good Are familiar also I test warm feelings to you. That I
already for a long time not Tested such feelings to men. That you very
good person and I I want to try the happiness and to leave to you for
some time that To learn each other it is better. My mum after some
meditation has told To me that if I so have decided and that if I
really feel that with You B, me it will be valid well number, why
and No. In fact a life one and to stay its houses and and to not find
love, That half from which I would be happy actually and could To live
for a long time and it is happy. I was very glad to that that my
mother has approved My decision and it has given to me of even more
force and confidence. Loved I So I want to be near to you. I very much
want to feel your embraces and Which we shall speak warm words each
other. I shall wait for yours Letters. I love you B. A kiss

Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2008 10:47 am
by FrumpyBB
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