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Gerrad Blake,

African scammers posing as white men.
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Re: Gerrad Blake,

Postby Inanu » Tue Jun 10, 2014 3:39 pm

Hi Frumpy,
I've also got a "home address":

4 Quality Street

May be it helps to find out more?

Re: Gerrad Blake,


Info Tracer is a unique background check service that reserches people by EMAIL, NAME or PHONE. They search through the social networks and dating sites databases, to see if a person with such email is registered somewhere.


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Re: Gerrad Blake,

Postby Inanu » Wed Jun 11, 2014 9:57 pm

Report how Mario Hofmann tried to scam me (part 4)

I was on a little trip with my husband (yes, I am married but it didn't bother Mario) and had no internet from April 5 till April 8, then I had internet again but I wasn't at home yet. We were ca.1,000 km away from home. Mario - of course - still wanted me to transfer $17,500 into that bank account, which he had given me. We chatted a little, he lamented about his miserable situation and I always said that I'd love him :D and wanted to help him. :liar: On April 11 we came home, the game went on.

ME: Mario, darling,
we just came home, 13 hours on the road. Now I am very tired.
I couldn't do anything today, banker wasn't reachable, I think I have to speak to him directly.
Please don't be angry or sad about it and don't lose your courage.
We'll chat tomorrow.
Have a good night rest and please take good care of yourself - I love you.
MARIO: I am so alone without you..I feel like the ground should open up and swallow me
Honey i wish you were here to see my situation, i am no longer the mario you use to know. I have lost my smile and joy
I don't know what may happen to me soon. Please do all you can to help me my love.
ME: I'm so sory my love
MARIO: I feel like the whole world is coming to an end
darling when do you help me, i hope you can tomorrow. I have been here waiting to read from you
ME: I was on my way home since 10 am till now and before couldn't achieve anything.
I told you darling that we would drive home today and that it takes long.
you knew that ...
We talked and talked about nothing, he asked me again and again if I would help him with money and I always answered, that I would do what I can until ...
MARIO: Do you help me tomorrow? Please tell me. Let me know where i stand
ME: I told you: I do what I can, I ask my banker because I have no money, I have to take a credit from my bank and if I get it, I'll send you that money and if I get no credit, I cant send any money ....
you can hit me till I am dead - if I don't get the credit, I cant send money ...
MARIO: I know it is not your problem for it is mine. If you don't want to help me now that i am paying half payment Please just let me know You are suppose to know if you will get the credit
I only need you to tell me if you can help me or not
ME: Right now I can not.
He was very angry and told me to let him alone. Over and over again he wrote that he regrets ever having sent me his contracts. Most recently, he wants me to send him back - :mrgreen: what nonsense, did he think that they are away from my computer as soon as I've send them? :dumb:
April 18, I contacted him again and we chatted long. He reproached me that I had left him when he needed my help and that I have never loved him but finally he claimed, that his bank would help him and that he actually needs help to pay the hotel bill.

MARIO: Will you help me tomorrow with the hotel bill?
My hotel bill will expire by tomorrow and that is the problem i am facing now, i don't know what to do about it, the hotel management threaten to send me away after tomorrow and am so worried about the whole situation
ME:how much'? Tomorrow is Saturday - no bank is open ...
MARIO: 2000pounds
I am so ashame of my life, i think i am curse.
I don't know the bad that i have done, that make me to suffer so much. I will never wish anyone to be in my situation
Tomorrow, please find a way to help me send it so i can pay them and have a roof over my head with my son
ME: I can send it to the account you have sent me ?
MARIO: I hope i am not bothering you with it
You will have to send it through the postbank tomorrow, you will send it through western union.
ME: precious catering ....?
western union? I never used it before
MARIO: give me a moment
I am sorry if i bother you with my problems, i am so sad. I am not suppose to be called a man
How i can i look at your face, if we meet us
Please tell me
ME: Will we ever meet?
MARIO: Don't you want to meet me?
ME: Will you ever come to meet me?
MARIO: You don't want to see me, to prove to you that i have always loved you
ME: Yes I want to see you
MARIO: Do you truly believe in our love?
If you don't believe in our love, please don't send me the money tomorrow
I want to see the beautiful woman called XXXXXXX, even if you don't love me again, but seeing your face alone, means everything to me
ME: I love you - did I otherwise write to you although you had said that you don't want to see me again and that I mean nothing to you and that I should forget you??
MARIO: You know i say all that out of anger and frustration
ME: so you were angry with me although you said you weren't?
MARIO: It is okay, please dear
Tomorrow i will visit my work site, to inspect it and see the condition it is
ME: please don't misunderstand me - I am not angry about it, I am only sad ...
MARIO: I have tried to ask the hotel management, how i can recieved money here and she told me it will be difficult since i have no south africa Id card, but promise to help me
Tomorrow you will go to a postbank and send the money through Money Gramm
You will have to send the money with this name
ME: what's that - I've never heard about Money Gramm
MARIO: You will find it tomorrow at the postbank, it is a means that you can use in sending money to your love ones oversea
I hope you understand me
ME: please explain - I don't understand all
the postbank knows Money Gramm and I have to ask for?
MARIO: Yes, they have MoneyGramm
Go to any postbank close to you and tell them you want to send money through MoneyGramm
Here is the name you will need to send it
ME: ok
MARIO: Name: Nonkululeko precious ntekola Country: Capetown, South Africa
After sending the money, 8 digit numer will be given to you, sender name and receiver name and also a secret question and answer will also be given. You will have to send this all to me, because that is what they will need to get the money here at their bank. I hope you understand me
Next day:
ME: baby, just a short message, please don't get angry again. I was at the postbank but it was closed because of the easter weekend, please speak with the woman with that unpronounceable name and tell her, that I will send money straight on thursday
I love you
MARIO: Good morning dear, i told you my hotel rent expire today
Please if you don't want to help me, tell me. They threaten to send me away when am not able to pay and they can't give me any more time
The postbank work 24hrs everyday and they also work on holidays, including christmas season
If you don't want to help me, it is better you tell me. The postbank, work everyday

8 hours later:
ME: hello darling - the postbank doesn't work every day and also not 24 hours a day - not in germany ...
please speak with the woman - I'll go straight on tuesday ...
on friday was a holiday - Good Friday - and they often close on saturday before eastern
I'll go straight on tuesday ...
I love you ...
MARIO: I am so sad and i have not been able to eat, do you know the insult i have received for not been able to pay for the hotel today
I wish you were here to see everything i am passing through, the postbank work almost everyday my darling
Give me your address, let me find you a nearest location that you will be able to send the money. You have to send it by monday, they said they only give monday to pay for it
I hope you understand me, give me your address so i can send you a postbank location
ME: right now we are visiting friends in Netherlands, on Monday I am back home. You know my address already darling, XXXXXX. Try to find a pb - location which is open .. I love you so much and really want to assist you. I miss you baby. I always have daydreams about you. I hope you feel my thoughts ....
baby, I took my laptop with me but forgot the power cord so I have to switch off my laptop to save battery power. I love you baby, don't forget this please. And take very good care of yourself. Send you million kisses
MARIO: I also love you with all my heart and wish i was there with you so we can spend the easter season together, you mean the whole world to me and i need you to know that no matter how many miles separate us, you are always in my heart
no one can ever take your place in my life, growing old with you is all i want my darling
Try and also come online for me so we can chat my darling.
Here are the locations where you can send the money on Monday. They work from 6 in the morning to 20:00 in the evening
He sent three addresses of money gram locations, no postal bank but 2 kiosks and an african shop near my home. When I was back home on April 21, we chatted again:Hello darling
MARIO: I have been waiting online for you
ME: hallo baby, we just came home from Netherlands and now I've got power again for my laptop ...
I just noticed the Informations you sent and try to send money for you ...
how was your day baby?
MARIO: Oh darling i have been here waiting online for you and i was scared
I miss you so much
ME: oh I also looked for last - minute - flights to cape town, may be I can come to you and bring that money? :twisted:
have you been waiting the whole day?
MARIO: Oh darling yes i had been waiting online for you, i have told them i will pay the hotel money today
You had promise to send the money today, what happened ?
ME: oh darling I will .. we just came home and now I take care of the transfer ...
MARIO: Oh i think it has been so stressful for you
ME: may be I can do it online, I am looking for a possibility
MARIO: I wish i was there to give you my shoulder to lean on now and snuggle with you
Okay darling
ME: yes darling ...
yes it would be haven on earth, if you were here ...
MARIO: I crave so much to be in your warm embrace my darling
Honey you can also make the transfer online, you can check it there
I hope is possible
ME: I hope so too
We talked for a while, than he asked:
MARIO:Have you been able to make the transfer?
Where you able to send it online
ME: give me a minute please I cant write with you and find out how to make the transfer at the same time
smile baby - don't forget that I lave you please
I wait online for you
You spelled lave instead of love
ME: love - another mistake another kiss
Hello darling
Hello honey where are you?
ME: I am still here and doing my job baby. Please have a little patience.
You lovely and impatient man.
MARIO: Okay darling, i am so alone
what is taking your time
ME: It's a little bit complicated.
I am doing my job baby
MARIO: What is it ?
why is it complicated
ME: I love you so much and would like much more to chat with you but you need this money, so I have to work for it. Please trust me baby, I am working ...
ME: I have to try with my credit card first, if it doesn't work with my bank - cards and I have to scan my identity - card and send it to them and so on
MARIO: Okay darling
I am sorry if i disturb you
ME: So please keep calm and be a little bit more patient.
MARIO: I wait for you Hello
ME: don't worry, I am still here and working …
ME: shit - it's complicated to send money online, I am earlier in Cape Town as the money will be sent ....
MARIO: I din't understand you
what happened
ME: I have to give my whole identity to Money Gram to open an account and it's not as secure ...
including my ID number of my identity - card ....
MARIO: Darling if you are unable to send it online, you have to leave it till tomorrow. Go to the postbank tomorrow morning and then you can send it there. It doesn't take long at the post
I hope you understand me
ME: I do my love ...
MARIO: Darling can you still do it online?
ME: but I am able to send online but have to send all my private data
and I can send only USD
and only up to 500 USD
MARIO: Darling you just have to wait till tomorrow
Tomorrow you visit the postbank and then you send it there, because it is more faster and easy
ME: yes darling, I am sorry but I think it's better to do it tomorrow
Is it okay for you?
Or I take the next flight and bring it to you personally ...
what would you say, if I phone you to say, that I am at the airport in Cape Town ????
MARIO: smile, oh darling that will be nice. Okay, but please try send it very early tomorrow at the postbank
So i can pay them and then have access to the internet and a roof over my head
I invented a story why I couldn't send the money again.
The amount of money request is fallen from 35,000 € over 17,500 € to 2,000 $.

continues ....

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Re: Gerrad Blake,

Postby Inanu » Sat Jun 14, 2014 12:46 am

Report how Mario Hofmann tried to scam me (part 5)

The amount of money request is fallen from 35,000 € over 17,500 € to 2,000 £ ( in my post above I wrote $ )
Next day:

ME: hey baby were are you?
where are you???
not were! - mistake
MARIO: I am here
I have been waitin online for you
ME: internet is terrible bad
always shuts down -
I love you baby
oh damed - line is very bad
MARIO: hmmmmm Please give me the dates
ME: I'll try tomorw again
MARIO: Give me the dates
ME: Hello Mario love, internet is better today
yesterday I wanted to tell you, that I am sick, severe diarrhea and fever, had to stay in bed till now
I hope you are not angry again, I could do nothing against getting sick ...
I love you so much, where are you ???
You aren't thrown out of the hotel ???
Oh god I'm afraid that you have nowhere to stay …
baby, where are you???
Are you there ???
where are you baby??? are you still in the hotel??? what happened to you??? I am in panic ..... I'll look for a flight soon and come to you ... I love you very much
Please take good care of yourself

He didn't answer, that must have been too much. But I was curious if he would chat with me again if there is a little hope to get some money. That's why I sent him a message again. I said that I couldn't stop thinking of him and that I'd still love him and so on. He reacted very angry, he scolded and was very disrespectful. Eventually it became too much for me and wrote that I would give up and leave him alone. Than he changed his tactics:

ME: I am very sad but now I finally give up ...
Jag sluttar att kämpa om dig sometimes I wrote in Swedish, because he is supposedly from Sweden :mrgreen:
MARIO: good give up
ME: ok
MARIO: Thank you. I wish you all the best.
ME: Thank you, the same to you.
MARIO: Be happy with your man
My bank will help me by Monday and finally i will leave here with my son and live well again
Thank God it is well
ME: thank you very much
MARIO: good
ME: you don't tell me because I should end worrying about you?
God bless you
MARIO: I love you good night
ME: I love you always and for ever
MARIO: you love me?
ME: oh Mario, I wish I were there
you know that I do
MARIO: where is the money i told you to send to me for my hotel bill?
I don't know
ME: why don't you know - I always told you, that I love you every day we chatted
MARIO: Why had you not send the money for the hotel i told you?
Tomorrow go and send it
Tomorrow go and send the money for the hotel bill
ME: that is your condition to believe me, that I love you??
MARIO: It is not any condition
That is what i need from you now
So that i will be able to fly back home when my back get in touch with me
My love for you is unconditional love
ME: do you believe that I love you ??
MARIO: That i can't tell
will you send the money tomorrow?
ME: or do you still doubt me
that will be the sign for you, that my love for you is true ?
MARIO: yes
ME: where shall I send it to??
the same as you told me last time?
MARIO: Yes it is
Only then i will know you are honest and you mean every words you say
I hope you still have the name?
ME: I listed it ...
Nonkululeko Precious Ntekola ??? is it right ???
what means "precious" in that name??
MARIO: this is the only problem i have
I am not forcing you to help me, but that is all i need from you
Where is it
Yes it is the name
I think it is the english name
Precious means someone dear and special to you
ME: you wrote: contry: Capetown, South Africa
what is the name? is it Nonkululeko ?
and what is "ntekola" ?
precious is Juwel in german, yes - I wondered why it belongs to a name
MARIO: it is a south african name
You have to send it through a poostbank and there you find MONEYGRAM
Just give them the names and they know what to do
ME: ok
MARIO: After which, you send me the dates
How much are you sending?
ME: ok
as much as I can get from my bank accounts
I don't know exactly how much they will give me ...
but what means "ntekola" ? Please explain, I want to understand ...
MARIO: I don't know
Maybe is their native name here
ME: you wrote: "Nonkululeko precious ntekola", you said, that is her name
is it exactly right so
MARIO: Yes dear
Everything is alright, that is how she gave me the name
I hope tomorrow you don't have another diarrhea?
ME: and the place is Capetown, South Africa or Cape Town, South Africa ??
MARIO: If my life and ramsey's life mean so much to you like you say
Capetown, south africa.
ME: ok
hmmm - ok
no - right now I am health
MARIO: I am sorry if i didn't believe that you fell sick
I only thought you don't want to help me

This time I told him, that only 300 € were left on my bank account and I had to get it from my credit card but it would take one or two days. His answer sounded very frustrated. After that we didn't chat for some days. Mid-May he wrote again, he said that he was back in England with his son and that he now just needed 1,000 € to pay the rest of his hotel bill and that I should send it to the landlord of the hotel. I did not and didn't write more to him. This is the temporary end.

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Re: Gerrad Blake,

Postby Bix » Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:10 am

another pic!
Dennis Morgan, 47
London, Greater London
About me
I am a lovely looking man who desired serious relationship that could lead to marriage. I hate lies and living my life to the fullest no matter the situations i am passing through.
Interested in
i need a woman who is ready for true love and above all God fearing :pray:

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.....
Napoleon Bonaparte


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Re: Gerrad Blake,

Postby username0916 » Wed Sep 17, 2014 9:13 am

Hi. This 'dog' tried with me too on the Facebook. He use the name JAHN INGEMAN and a different picture, and now he have a daughter 8 years old, but the rest is the same.
I asked him for a phone number and he gave to me this number ; +447509531987. Then I Google the number and here I'm.! :)
I have to thank you all very much... :kissing:
Be careful alt there..

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Re: Gerrad Blake,

Postby Myra » Wed Sep 17, 2014 9:41 am

thank you so much for the update :)
Jahn Ingeman

also on linkedin
roman blanco
sales manager at ZAIN / VODAFONE
Demographic info
London, United Kingdom | Telecommunications
sales manager at zain/vodafone telecommunication, sales manager at ZAIN / VODAFONE

Zain is a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries :twisted:

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New Name Same BS!!

Postby Cilean » Sat Oct 24, 2015 4:04 am

I got a friend request from a guy, he is now calling himself "Sanchez Jose Oscar" claims to live in San Jose, CA and is a "former Textile Designer" kept calling me dear and sweet heart.

Here is the new Facebook page

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Re: Gerrad Blake,

Postby minerva » Sat Oct 24, 2015 1:21 pm

Welcome to RS and thanks for the update. If he given you his email ID fee free to post it :)
his FB pics

to help you how to post and other read the FAQ viewtopic.php?f=74&t=83893

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David -

Postby FrumpyBB » Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:04 pm

hello pretty woman how are you doing?
nice meeting you pretty woman
i am David and your name please?
good day
you have a sweet name,
my dear you are that type of woman i have been looking for a long time now
i am so happy to meet with you now
well i am orthopedic surgeon doctor,
and where do you work?
alright my dear i will give you my Email now ok
that is my email address ok

ock, ScottSmitt
52 • Berlin •
Straight, Man, Single, 178cm, Average build
Native American, Speaks English, Working on University, Christian (and it’s important)
Looking for
single Women, near me, ages 40‑60, for Long-term dating and New friends.


Edwin Hartmann 53 years old, Manchester, United KingdomLast visit: 2 Apr 2015
Edwin told a bit of personal info:
Place of birth - Montre, Switzerland


Guajardo Camilo
Self Employ Civil Engineer at Meek Bolt
Bakersfield und Umgebung, Kalifornien
BOUYGUES UK, Black & Veatch, Santa Clara Valley Water District
University of Paris I: Panthéon-Sorbonne

Camilo is a Professional Civil Engineer who has work with so many companies like Bouygues uk, Black & Veatch, Santa Clara Valley Water District ETC, Over this years on civil engineering and construction oversight for various types of mass transit and transportation facilities. His expertise is in land development, stormwater management, erosion and sedimentation control, site utilities, and permitting.

Camilo serves on the Executive Board of Directors of the Califonia Chapter of WTS as Treasurer. He is a member of Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT), and is active with the Engineers’ Club of Califonia and the Delaware Valley Engineers Week Committee. Camilo volunteers for various STEM programs, introducing young men to careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Camilo's personal objective is to expand his technical, professional, and leadership skills in the Civil Engineering discipline to become a large-scale multi-disciplined Project Manager, one of the reason he started working alone as a self employed, seeking and bidding contract, with other companies and he has be able to run contracts for so many companies, Like Shell, Pentronas, Bouygues uk, Black & Veatch.

As a Self employed Civil Engineer Construction Department, Mr. (Camilo) Fine's specialty is in highway design and computer-aided engineering. he specializes in the preparation of Erosion & Sedimentation Pollution Control, Contour Grading & Drainage, and Stormwater Management plans. Mr. Fine has extensive experience in Water Resources and Context Sensitive Design. He has a working knowledge of Microstation, Inroads, and PondPack. he has worked on projects for PennDOT, SRDC, DoD, Montgomery County Planning Commission, Califonia Environmental Council and numerous townships in the Califonia area.

Assistance site engineer
September 2014 – Juli 2015 (11 Monate)

Wembley French Highschool Winston Churchill (20M£), new build part : science laboratories, music and art rooms, kitchen and canteen.
This building involves a concrete structure, covered with an external insulation and facing bricks. Windows are fitted with the latest standards (EPDM rubber on each side).

- CW management, Plants and equipments management (planning, budget).
- HSE policy enforcement
- Management of subcontractors on site : ground workers (drainage), roofers, scaffolders, partitions and dry ceilings fitters, carpenters, windows fitters, bricklayers, tilers, kitchen fitters, lift engineers,...
- Management of desnaging and O&M manuals redaction.
Black & Veatch
Solar PV Civil Engineer
Black & Veatch
März 2009 – Juni 2011 (2 Jahre 4 Monate)

Project experience as Lead Civil Engineer includes over 6 GW of constructed and various planning/design-states utility-scale solar farms (covering carports, roof-top and ground-mount installations), ranging from ~1 MW to 1,000 MW-size facilities in North America, Tibet, France, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Guam, and Japan.

* Led and managed conceptual site layout and civil design processes for utility-scale solar projects, which involve close coordination with other aspects of the project, such as electrical design, and environmental issues and clearances.

* Engineered site layout and other civil-, structural-, and site-related items, including grading and drainage design, water quality analysis, SWPPP, foundation design, and utility design.

* Developed technical specifications for civil, structural and site-work related items.

* Heavily involved in various permitting processes of utility-scale solar projects with several local, state, and federal public agencies.

* Owner's Engineer services include performing technical review of civil and structural design drawings and calculations prepared by others, as well as oversight of the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) process.

* Independent Engineer services include performing site assessment and due diligence study for geotechnical, civil, and structural related studies and design.

* Civil Engineer-of-Record for a number of utility-scale solar PV EPC projects.
Santa Clara Valley Water District
Assistant Civil Engineer II, P.E.
Santa Clara Valley Water District
Juli 2007 – Oktober 2009 (2 Jahre 4 Monate)

Sunnyvale East and West Channel Flood Control Project; Lower Berryessa Ck Flood Control Project
-Supervising consultants to perform bridge improvements and other modifications on easement
-Prepare plans, specifications and cost estimates for bid/advertisement/construction
-Construction Liaison
-Coordinate with other public agencies
-Responsible for Foundation and Structural design per IBC , ASCE 7, ACI 318 and AISC Steel Design, Flood Wall Design- CIDH Piles and concrete spread footing and detailing

5/2011– 9/2011-Facility Structural Assignments
Improving Rinconada Water Treatment Plant, located Los Gatos, CA for existing Chemical Storage Building Retrofitting and Valves Upgrade Projects
-Prepare Plans, Specifications and cost estimates for Project• -Review and prepare calculations/ analysis of structural evaluations of building integrity and equipment additions
-Conduct Structural design, details and cost estimate

10/2007 – 5/2011
RWTP Projects - Valves Replacements and Chemical Systems Upgrade
- Prepare Design Drawings per AWWA and APC Codes, and applicable standards,
- Structural-Civil Specifications and cost estimates for Project• Responsible for Civil, Mechanical and Structural design
-Prepare technical requirements in accordance with the scope of work; assist team to complete Engineer’s Report and Project
-Construction Liaison
Building envelope procurement officer
März 2006 – Juli 2006 (5 Monate)

Procurement of Great Ormond Street Hospital (Zayed centre) envelope (6M£), two stages tender process.The project involves curtain walling, brickwork, terracotta, aluminium & precast concrete cladding.
Queen Mary University, louver package procurement (200K£).
Hounslow Civic Center, facade tender pack preparation (3M£).


Professional Engineer, PE
Delaware Association of Professional Engineers, License 18693
Juni 2014 – Heute
Engineer in Training, EIT
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs, License ET012688
Juli 2015 – Heute


University of Paris I: Panthéon-Sorbonne
University of Paris I: Panthéon-Sorbonne
, Baccalauréat scientifique, French equivalent of GGE A levels in applied maths and sciences, with Honours

Year 1 (validated)
- Economic Environment
- General Accounting
- Operations Management
- Financial Analysis
- Marketing
- Company Laws
- Human Resources Management

Aktivitäten und Verbände: Events manager for the Head Office of pupils in classes préparatoires, in charge of a forum with former students, organization of a stand at a major student lounge and of two receptions.
Université d'Angers
Université d'Angers
MSc in Building Engineering and Sustainabilty, accredited by the RICS, Graduated with honours, Civil engineer / site management, Ing Civil., Graduated with honours

ESTP (Ecole Spéciale des Travaux publics) is a leading French engineering school, involving courses such as Structure (steel frames, reinforced and prestressed concrete, geotechnique) or Building in use (acoustic, thermal insulation, BMS, fire startegy,...).
Specific skills: 3D bim Digital Project (2012), Revit Architecture, Carbon footprint , Project management.
Final option: Building and Sustainability.
Research project: impact of noise generated by construction sites, on operatives Health and Safety. Research published by the French magazine “Annales du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics”, n°6, December 1992.

Project India organizer, HILAP association (Humanitarian association in ESTP): - Research of active partnerships to raise funds, - Travel management for 20 students with a budget of € 16, 000, - Active member in the association (food bank, telethon, etc.). Responsible for conferences within ESTP Contractors Association, fundraising, general logistics (including tickets management through a website). Responsible of squash section for Sports office, ESTP.

storm watermicro-hydro. Personal interests include international and wilderness adventures as well as photography and playing an assortment of stringed instruments.graywaterenergy efficiencyRainwater harvesting


First Solar - Antelope Valley Solar Ranch 1
September 2010
Located in the Antelope Valley area of North Los Angeles County, the 230MW AV Solar Ranch One will produce enough electricity to meet the annual energy needs of about 75,000 average homes

Quantum - Guam Solar Plant
März 2012
Responsible for serving as Owner's Engineer for oversight of the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) design and construction for a 20 MW solar plant, substation, and gen-tie transmission lines on the island of Guam.

Korea Midland Power Co - Boulder Solar Power
Juni 2013
Served as Independent Engineer for the project, performing site assessment and due diligence study for the 250 MW planned solar project in Eldorado Valley, near Boulder City, Nevada.

EDF Renewable Energy - Catalina Solar(

Responsible for performing a civil engineering review of the grading plans and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) package prepared by others on the Owner's behalf for the 1,223 acre, 130 MW solar project in Kern County, California.
EDP Renewables - Marathon Solar & Agincourt Solar
Startdatum: Oktober 2015

As the Lead Civil Engineer, responsible for overseeing the preparation of the site layout, grading design, hydrology study and interfacing with the various agencies in obtaining the grading permit for two solar plant sites totaling 30 megawatts (MW) in San Bernardino County, California.

SewerCivil EngineeringConstructionStructural EngineeringLand DevelopmentGradingDrainageWaterGeotechnical EngineeringGroundwaterSoil

Additional Organizations
American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA), Sierra Club


Bruit, BTP et Grenelle de l'environnement : prévention et gestion
Annales du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics, n°6
Dezember 2013

Summary of the research presented at the Innovation Day ESTP on 16.05.2013,
supervised by Christiane Majcherczyk expert justice professor at the ESTP.

- The noise emission sources on construction sites, their consequences
- The measurement means, sonometry - noise mapping
- National and European regulations
- The means of prevention, correction and effectiveness
- Changes to adopt, responsible behaviors
- Apps on projects and prospective

Guajardo Camilo

Responsable du pôle Inde
März 1998 – Heute (18 Jahre 5 Monate)Katastrophen- und humanitäre Hilfe

Organisateur du projet Inde 2013 de l’association HILAP (association humanitaire de l’ESTP,, recherche active de partenariats et envoi de 20 élèves pour un budget de 16000€. Membre actif de l’association (pyramide de chaussures, banque alimentaire, téléthon, etc.).
Voluntary worker
FSL India
Humanitary sites in India, FSL India, Bangalore: working as bricks and footpaths layer in schools.

Bouygues Construction
Member of the winning team of Bouygues Construction Challenge
April 1977

Competitions for Master degree students. The 72 participants were divided into 12 teams and competed around a case study integrating financial package, business strategy, energy performance, planning and site organization.
The allotted time is 24 hours and the response takes the form of a one hour thesis to a jury of professionals.

Camilo Guajardo
CEO at Contractor
Past: Contractor Engineer
From Bakersfield, California

Please try your best to block ALL your scammer´s still incoming messages and calls!

What is all this? => The FAQ

The scammers vs. Why is "he" still doing it?

Why is alerting the man in the pictures DANGEROUS?

Please click why confronting my scammer is terribly wrong :)

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Alexander Brett Havens,

Postby Bix » Sun Aug 14, 2016 7:34 am
Havens Brett Alexander
University of Phoenix

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.....
Napoleon Bonaparte


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Re: Gerrad Blake,

Postby karen.hamilton » Fri Sep 02, 2016 12:42 am

He approached me today on Facebook. He is using the name Hansens Brooks. I knew immediately that he was a scammer. I've never had a scammer approach me on Facebook. I ran his photos and they came up positive.

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Re:Clough Anthony,

Postby Александра » Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:56 pm

Clough Anthony, https:/ / Register Nigeria

Image , Image .
Birthday: May 31
Town: New York City
marital status: Not maried
Origin city: Michigan, port huron
Languages: English
Hello Friend,
Thanks for the mail, let me tell you more about myself, I'm a sailor working in a shipping company, I travel a lot, I'm not married looking for a special lady to share a conversation and have fun times; Being friends in the first place, and to see where this can lead us.
I'm an honest man, looking at the same thing in a woman; Honesty and sincerity are very important qualities for me. I like a woman who is confident in herself, but humble, not afraid that someone knows the real person inside. I've always been a little shy, but given that person, and the situation, I like to be spontaneous, and really like someone who can bring the best in me! I do not play games of the mind, and I do not want it from the woman I meet. I feel good, friendship / companion / helper is one where everyone complements another.
Beaches and nature loves mine along with photography, any kind of water sports; Camping, fishing, boating (especially sailing). I have traveled some and hope to do much more one day, like trying new ethnic products, and just doing spontaneous-moment things! There are many places that I would like to go to one day, many things I love to do, but it's actually more fun when someone has the "right" person to share it with! I like to take pictures during the day and just visit museums, exhibitions or a weekend trip! I like to be romantic - holding hands, candlelight dinner for two, and pleasing the woman I care for. Mutual respect is very important to me. I'm not new to the kitchen - I love cooking, as long as there is someone to share a cocktail and engage in a sparkling conversation. In cooking, like most things in life, traveling is just as enjoyable as the destination .... , skype jennycool94


IP address is

MOD EDIT See posted here: ... 55#p519655

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Luca Hoover, diff. pic

Postby Myra » Thu Feb 22, 2018 11:39 pm

Germany Singles
Luca hoover
Personal Details
Age: 52
Gender: Man
Looking for: Woman
Location: berlin, Germany


Basic Information
Marital Status: Widowed
Languages: English
Religion: Christian / Catholic
Referred by: Newspaper or Print Advertisement

Professional Life
Education: Bachelors degree
Employment status: Self-employed
Job schedule: I'll tell you later

Physical Appearance
Ethnicity: Other
Height: 5' 9" (175 cm)
Eye color: Gray
Hair color: Dark Brown :lol:

Smoking: No, never
Drinking: Just socially
Living situation: Live with kids
Have children: Yes - at home full-time
Want children: I'll tell you later

Sports: Soccer
Common interests: Cooking

same email address here, uses pics of sb. different

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