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Latvia / Estonia illusions?

Questions and real info about visas, travel requirements, phone numbers, travel preparations, rules for meeting the family, etc...
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Re: Latvia / Estonia illusions?

Postby Gunna » Mon May 02, 2011 10:22 pm

Hi all,

Very interesting to read as I have myself been to Talliin and found the women there to be very mixed towards westerners. I only was there for 3 days but got a idea of the types of girls you get you can meet very quickly !

Re: Latvia / Estonia illusions?


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Re: Latvia / Estonia illusions?

Postby misterb » Tue May 03, 2011 3:52 am

Here's a continuation of my post.

First of all I want to say I have been partying for over 1 month every night almost and met tons of girls some Estonian other Russian and few from other nationalities.

The first thing you should understand about Estonian is that a regular girl living in Tallinn meets dozens of new guys every week. If you go one night out here, you'll see what I mean straight away. This means they're used to quick "dating" so they meet you they might like you hook up with you but next day they're with another dude. Most these girls don't like to stick to one guy for long time and they have so many options available it is hard for any foreign guy to keep a relation going. Russian girls are a bit more exception due to their education but estonian are generally like this.

In dating terms, if a girl from Estonia is looking for romance online, something is wrong for sure. Tallinn is one of the best stag party destinations every day I see groups of english guys hook up with estonian girls in local bars so you have to ask yourself when a girl can meet 20 guys in one night and pick which ones to date and get to know better, why would she bother going online unless she's looking for a rich guy?

It is extremely common here for girls to consider that every foreign is rich since they live a poor lifestyle. Many of the hundreds of girls I have met in the few months here even bragged about this sucker "boyfriend" which they used to get a new car or even pay for their whole apartment... then when they have what they want, get rid of you very fast.

I suggest if you are looking for a girl from Estonia, it is possible to find one but you should take 1 month off, rent an apartment here which costs around 400€ / month and just go out every night.
Best is to come with one friend and both stay for 1 month since it is a lot easier to find girls in groups of 2 or 3 than girls alone. General rule most girls you see, anywhere, in the street, shopping malls, restaurants, shops, they will talk to you and answer whatever you ask them if you ask them in a good way and are polite. This makes meeting people very easy but in the downside makes it very hard to keep a girl since they act like this by cultural habit so the chance they'll meet another guy who they like (after you) is very high. And they do what they feel like doing generally so if the feeling with this other guy is right, the fact they have a relation with you doesn't really stop them.
This is the main downside. For this reason I don't take any relation here seriously and just enjoy, this is best to have fun with beautiful girls and even if you are old and ugly you still manage to get a few girls!

When going out at night first thing you notice is that most people are already drunk. I have some estonian friends and they tell me it is normal and that most estonians are alcoholics... from personal experience I agree, it is quite common to see them in any hour of the day sitting in a restaurant with a glass of wine... and another... and another...

So if you plan to "marry" or find an Estonian lady take her to your country you should expect this:
- She will talk to every guy who approaches her
- If she likes a guy she will approach him regardless of you being standing right next to her
- If you try to restrict her from doing whatever she wants, in any way, she'll get rid of you VERY FAST
- Respect is a one way road, their way only. Expect her to demand respect but show no respect in return
- They generally don't like serious guys plus they don't like planning or rules, they go with the flow and expect you to understand this and do the same even if that brings total chaos to their life

I came here with the idea of meeting a girl for a serious relationship but came to the conclusion I'm in the wrong country for this. Even when I meet married women and women in a relation they behave like they're completely single... to the point of the boyfriend/husband being standing 5 meters from them and they saying they're with a "friend" and flirt with other guys. This is considered NORMAL for Estonia. Plus they don't accept that boyfriend/husband restricts their freedom to do whatever they want so if they want to flirt with another guy, they will flirt with another guy, in front of you, and expect you to say nothing. I spoke to many estonian guys and asked this simple question:

Q: Can you trust your girlfriend or you know if she has a girls night out and drinks a bit it is most likely you'll hear from some friend how he saw your girl kissing with another guy somewhere
A: Yeah it sucks but what can I do? You can't really tell them what to do, they'll always do what they want.

So now you have a better idea on what to expect. I met here many foreign guys, some live in Estonia for years and they give up from Estonian girls and told me best is to go for foreign women... crazy shit how everyone agrees on this... :-)

So forget Estonia if your looking for a serious relation. If you want a beautiful lady, get yourself a Russian usually they're very straight forward about what they want, what they expect from you and agree on the terms of the relationship. I find this a lot more satisfying and have been dating a few Russian women. They tend to be quite direct and say what they think rather than bullshit you around. It makes sense since they don't want to waste their time with the wrong guys. Many are looking for rich boyfriend or someone to marry. At first I used to pay drinks to the girls, pay night out, pay whatever... then about 1 month ago discovered the pleasure of going out with girls and NOT paying for them. So they pay their own bills! I was told this was like impossible but now am very satisfied since the moment I stop paying for drinks and nights out, the girls seem to respect me a lot more. I am doing this with a friend now and we got quite good results, instead of the girls who just want some idiot foreign guy to pay for their night out we get girls who actually want good company and pay their own night out... :-)

Beware that Latvian women are completely different than Estonian, same goes for Lithuanian. I want to go live in Lithuania this year stay a few months and see how it is. From what I know women there are a lot more conservative, more serious about relationships, not much bullshit. This because Lithuania is around 80% catholic so socially if a girl is seen making out with some guy everyone will talk about it and she'll be tagged as bitch. In Estonia if you see a girl making out with 4 guys at the same time, nobody will give a damn and even say "oh.. that's normal" because honestly... you see it almost every night. :-)

There is a place I go where a waitress picks up a client and after her shift is over and goes to the bar next door make out with the guy... I see her do this 2 nights in a row... 2 different guys... for her seems to be normal and nobody cares, people here mind their own business and don't talk much about the others and it is so usual for these things to happen every day that nobody will notice since it is... normal.

One night picked up 2 finnish girls, one is getting married, she just told me "What happens in Tallinn stays in Tallinn" LOL... I knew exactly what she means. ;-)

OK I hope this gives you a good overview. Now for final notes:

I am also very used to fetch girls for friends of mine or even acquaintances. It is common to meet foreigners who ask me hey we would like to meet some girls can you get a few for us? I just say ok give me 2 minutes, take a look around and pick up 2-3 girls to sit with them. Really very easy.
It can be anywhere... in restaurant, pub, bar, disco, shopping center, even in the middle of the street!

So if you're coming to Tallinn or you're in Tallinn, feel free to msg me and I can show you the places to go and how to get what you want. And I mean like we go in the middle of the street and I pick up two girls for us... ;-) you just tell me what you want... russian..estonian.. young..older... beautiful..average... you choose. :p

But common here you should date girls who look like top models...!
A friend of mine from my country usually sends these photos from hot magazine ladies so I sent him link to facebook photos of the girls I'm dating and he was like HOLY SHIT... because they put those hot magazine ladies in a corner by far... :D hihi
And no, I'm not big cute attractive guy. I'm rather average guy...:-)
These girls want to have a good time they don't decide based on your looks but more on how they feel when they're with you. If you can make them laugh hard and have a really good time... they'll go with you anywhere no matter how you look. :p

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Re: Latvia / Estonia illusions?

Postby antgolden » Mon May 16, 2011 4:57 am

WoW, Misterb, sounds awesome! Appreciate the great review of your experiences. I have been contemplating a months-long visit to the Baltic countries. Having dated a couple of Lithuanian-born lovelies here in the U.S. I have gotten to know their beauty--and you're right, they are more serious-minded and somewhat conservative and a bit stubborn as well in some ways.

Have been focusing on Latvia of late for a big trip--(along with Estonia & Lithuania as well) Being that I'm looking for a serious, long-term relationship/marriage, think I would enjoy Estonia for the fun, but according to what you say, it will be hardest to find what I seek there..That being said, if you're up to hanging out and having some fun/and-or serious relationship searches together, would be great to try to co-ordinate meeting up with you. I don't have a friend willing to commit the time and expense of months-long travel, so have been in a holding-pattern on this much-thought-of trip for some time now..

By the way, on May 29, the 3rd annual, Latvian "Go Blonde" event takes place, and would love to be there for that!! A thousand or more blondes parading around Riga in pink mini-skirts! Now THAT'S a great time!! (Google Latvian blondes for photos/info, will blow your mind!) :D :)

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Re: Latvia / Estonia illusions?

Postby sinusobra » Sun Jun 22, 2014 8:23 am

I would as a non-Estonian female who has lived in Tallinn tell you that it's not that easy for the girls either. Guys don't seem to be interested in dating, and it forces the modern woman to play the game like a guy. Plus I don't know if you've looked around, but many girls say they guy selection the capital has to offer is just simply sad. No one wants a relationship with those guys. They might not be the hottest, smartest, funniest or even smell very good. If you're a nice genuine gentleman, you shouldn't be afraid of girls playing you. You'd be a real catch! The normal misconception of Estonian women is that they're sneaky and would do anything to get out of there, but the girls I've met and extremely beautiful, fun and smart, and without a boyfriend.

We figured it goes a little like this. The few hot smart guys get to pick who ever theyd want to date. So normally the hottest of girls. The ok guys an still have extremely hot girls. And then the average pretty girls end up with guys way below their level, causing self image problems and doubting themselves, cos there just aren't any normal guys to date.

I hope you can be rather open-minded about my post. I keep mixing normal as a synonym for both good looking and well behaving. But I hope you see my point. You don't have to look like Prince Charming, as long as you're not perfectly repulsive and have got some manners, the odds are in your favor.

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Re: Latvia / Estonia illusions?

Postby Maris27 » Sun Aug 16, 2015 12:57 pm

Dear sir,

Turns out like u had been mistreated by an Estonian woman and hurt. BUT this does not gave u the right to tell that all Estonians are like that. Howcome all my Estonian girlfriends r happily married and have Kids. Huh. They r serious for providing for their man and family they Cook and clean. If some.people stay for 3 days and hook up With Estonian girl for one night it is purely mutual agreement and happens everywhere in EU. We are not that poor country. MOST of my friends( Estonian Girls)r independant and paying their own Bills. IF u want to have family of corse it changes everything in money wise but to assume Estonians r after money is bullshit. I have heard the same for russian woman. PS:IF A guy is seriously interested an Estonian woman wants to see the action. IF u are a lousy man and dont show good treatment in a relationship of corse we drop u bcs Who wants to be misurble. Estonians have attitude and karisma plus they r very much loving. BUT of corse if u go to Estonia and ur from other side of the world and u go there for 3 days waiting for a girl u slept for a night.. Its a one night standard... Do u expect to give u a gredit or make a next move afterwards u have left the country. IT does not happen. Estonian Girls and any other girl would know its a short thing and thats that anywhere. THAT DOESNT mean we sleep with any guys we meet. Its individual. And Def there r some bad attitude Girls out here too. IT ALL depends. BUT generally u my buddie r very wrong about Estonians. WRITTEN by Estonian

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Re: Latvia / Estonia illusions?

Postby frank85 » Wed Jan 13, 2016 6:56 pm

Im going to tallinn soon.

Any tips on picking up tallinn girls?

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Re: Latvia / Estonia illusions?

Postby Igulinka » Thu Jan 14, 2016 5:32 am

Well....we not an advisory site , but as a Eastern European lady can tell you keep smiling and wear good cologne :)

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Re: Latvia / Estonia illusions?

Postby frank85 » Thu Jan 14, 2016 6:13 am

Are you estonian? Where are you from?


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