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... when you're dead and no one gives you a clue

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... when you're dead and no one gives you a clue

Postby IceFM » Mon Sep 13, 2021 5:14 pm

... since this funny Mails started to pile up, I will open this category.

Dr. Mairkanti Baru - ... in Skype without a Pic


Compliment of the day,First of all we are very sorry for the
inconvenience of this latter in case you are alive,please i need
confirmation from you!,I due respect and humbled to write you this
very letter for we to know the fact of all this information as it
sound so bitter to my ear when i hard about this ugly news that you
hard a terrible SHINGLES PAIN that lead you to death,that is the Couse
your Silent since.
Meanwhile we hard this very ugly news from your
(next of king) as she claimed ( Mrs.Jessica Lupo ) this is the
information she give to us: 125 North Hwy 124 Apt 8 Hallsville MO
65255 USA Waitress 34by.Mame and address who told us that you hard an
a terrible SHINGLES PAIN that lead you to death,but is unfortunate
that you couldn't succeed for the incident after rushing you to the

Therefore she flight down here in my country Benin Republic yesterday
and stated that she is your NEXT OF KING and that she came for your
over due payment delaying founds and she lamented and complain that
you have invested a lot of money in other to receive it but you didn't
succeed on it,However apologize and need your urgent reply and
immediately confirmation to us today before it too late, If what we
hard is true and false otherwise we will believe with her So Please to
avoid big mistake,due to peoples use so ways fraudulent and dumping so
many companies and banks here in Africa,even some use the names of
banks and companies to scam peoples,so do kindly you are alive to
enable us our next action in releasing those funds to her as your next
of kings alright.

and Again we do required for your confirmation here if true you are
alive please:
1: Your New Address:...........
2: Direct telephone Number:..........
3: Who is Mrs. Jessica:...........
Finally she is willing to pay the fee that is needed on this transfer
of your funds

In fact,if all this stories is true, May your soul rest in perfect
as we will further proceed with your next kings in
transferring those funds to her as she claimed okay.

Contact me through his E-mail address here

Name: Dr Maikanti Baru

E-mail:( )

Best Regards

Dr. Mairkanti Baru

...... given address

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... when you're dead and no one gives you a clue


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Dr. Mairkanti Baru -

Postby IceFM » Mon Sep 13, 2021 10:17 pm

Attn: Mr. xxxxx xxxxxx

I am surprised at your words but I am attaching my ID immediately for
your record. Let me know if you are sure I am real as you said so we
can process your payment.

....... IP shows Google
From: Mairkanti Baru <>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2021 20:55:12 +0100

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Peter C. Ezeamaka -

Postby IceFM » Tue Oct 05, 2021 2:33 pm

Dear Beneficiary,

We have just received an information from MR. SINCLAIR SEAN GILMORE
who claims to be your next of kin that you are dead from the CORONA
To this effect, he has presented claims for your
inheritance funds of $10.7M to be transferred to his bank account as
your next of kin. We do not know if this information is true or not,
so the Central Bank of Nigeria through the Legal Service Department
have decided to carry out due diligence in line with the banking laws
of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by writing you via your registered
email address with our bank. If this information is not true, we
advise that you write us immediately. If we do not get a response from
you, we will assume that this information is true and shall commence
the process of the claim/transfer of the inheritance funds to MR.
SINCLAIR SEAN GILMORE after the expiration of a 21 day official notice
as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


(Head, Legal Service Department)
Central Bank of Nigeria,
Plot 33, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Way
Central Business District,Cadastral Zone,
Abuja, Nigeria.
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Paul Jonathan -

Postby IceFM » Sat Oct 09, 2021 5:29 pm

I just received a phone call telling me that you are death in motor
accident that is why i just want to be sure ABOUTH THIS INFORMATION

and Iqbal Dhaliwal said that he is your next of king so Mr Iqbal
Dhaliwal is here to take your compensation payment of
US$850,000.00.Please it is very urgent that you will respond to this
massage as soon as possible if you are still alive.

Today we shall commence your compensation payment atm card delivery or
any means of your choice,it will arrive your doorstep on Saturday this
week. This delivery is in arrangement with our government diplomat due
to restriction of movement around the world because of covid-19

Please bear it in mind that you will pay for the security keeping
charge before everything will take place ,please do not contact me
possible that you will not pay for this security keeping charge
because with out that, the shipment will not take place.

We expect your urgent response to this email to enable us monitor this
payment effectively thereby making contact with .Paul Jonathan as
directed to avoid further delay.Congratulations.

Yours In Service

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Scott Jensen -

Postby IceFM » Mon Oct 18, 2021 5:51 pm

Dear Beneficiary

Are you still Alive?? we Receive Mr. John Robert l, here in Our Office
ordering us to Change all legal Claim Document of your Inheritance
funds valued $15.5Million USD, donated to you by Your Anonymous Late
relative who deposited the above funds to Surprise you.

If you are alive, kindly get back to me with your details as stated
below. I will furnish you with more details once I hear from you.

1 Your Full Name

2 Your Resident Address
3 Your Telephone
4 Occupation.

5 Your I’d card

6 Your state

7 Your city

Scott Jensen
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Vivian Thomas Coke -

Postby IceFM » Tue Oct 26, 2021 4:42 pm

..... TG, today only a accident :whew: :whew:

Texas Capital Bank
Address:2350 Lakeside Blvd. Suite 800. Richardson, Texas 75082
Phone: +1 202-844-7754
Total Amount is $850,000 USA DOLLARS!


Attn; Beneficiary,

Please, confirm to us as soon as possible that you had an accident and
authorized your next of kin to have your funds because this news
shocks us. I won't believe till I confirm from any of your nearest
relation. Please let us hear from you if you authorized your next of
kin to Change your compensation Fund Ownership paper and claim your

My dear I received an email from Ms Jill Trausch,told us to Change
your compensation Fund Ownership of $850,000 USA Dollars, in her Name/
Ms Jill Trausch.
United States Webster City
Iowa 50595 711 Wood Street.

In respect,you are inquiring to pay Wire Transfer Electronic Transfer
charges $25) or Atm Card Delivery ($25), under section 48 4A 302 of US
law Texas Capital Bank, a depository institution which wire transfers
funds may not deduct any fees for handling the wire transfer from the
amount of money which is to be transferred to your provided Bank
Account. Do not delay on this. here is Ms Jill Trausch new account
details as below.

Commerce Bank
Beneficiary name: Ms Jill Trausch
Routing number: 60773619
Account number: 069651322
Swift code: wfbUS41,

We wait for your reconfirmation of all your address below.
Full Name:..............
Your Address:........
Phone Number:....

NOTE: That your payment files will be changed to your next of kin
name,Ms Jill Trausch within 3days if we did not hear from you because
this was the instruction given to us from the authority here in USA.We
will start the delivery/transfer as soon as we received your
information. You are hereby warned not to delayed on this matter
okay.You can buy the $25 Apple Gift Card or Google Play Card or Steam
Wallet Card within 2days okay.

Yours sincerely,
Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Vivian Thomas Coke
Texas Capital Bank
Phone: +1 202-844-7754
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Fabian B. Desmond -

Postby IceFM » Wed Oct 27, 2021 4:02 pm

To Whom It May Concern,
Attention: Beneficiary,
This is the third time I am sending you a message regarding your
Payment from the United Nations Compensation Unit.
We hereby request to confirm if you are dead and you legally
authorized Jamie Melinda as your next of kin. Meanwhile, I am your
Personal Attorney in Charge of your Payment and I am surprised to be
unaware of this before you passed out.
Moreover, I have your payment documents ready and the Bank has
authorized that the fund should be wired to the say Jamie Melinda who
claims she's your cousin and as well as your next of kin, as she has
presented all the documents to make claims as to your next of kin.
Regarding this fact, I personally decided to verify this before the
Bank proceeds to wire the said fund ( USD$2,000,000.00) to her.
(I) Are you truly Dead OR Alive?
(II) Did you authorize Jamie Melinda to claim the supposed fund?
If (NO) you are hereby advised to reconfirm the details of this
message within 24hours, hence the said fund shall be wired to the
claim (Jamie Melinda) without any delay.
If you fail to respond within 24hours to me, I will consider you dead
and grant the permit to wire the said fund to the Bank account
provided by her for the transaction.
Respond to my email below for legal confirmation and clarification.

Yours sincerely,
Fabian B Desmond.
Legal Adviser and Advocate
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Fabian B. Desmond -

Postby IceFM » Thu Oct 28, 2021 1:59 pm

Dear xxxxx xxxxxx

This is to acknowledge your response, dated 27th Oct 2021.

It's amazing to know that you are still alive and never instructed Jamie Melinda to make claim on your behave. This is so amazing.

I will urgently report this to the Bank Remittance Unit to stop further communication with her, meanwhile, also inform the FBI about the evil act. She needs to be rested and put in jail.

Furthermore, You are officially advised to send the following details for more clarifications and confirmation to ensure you are real

1. Full name:
2. Direct phone number
3. Address:
4. Your front and back page of any identification card
5. Current occupation and address.

As soon as I receive the above details, I will officially carry on the wiring process.

I personally guarantee you success. I look forward to your urgent reply.

Yours Sincerely,
Fabian B Desmond
Legal Adviser and Advocate.
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Stan Howard -

Postby IceFM » Wed Nov 17, 2021 4:48 pm

Attention Sir,

Following the recent meeting held by the board members of this esteemed financial institution, the new Board of Directors of the World Bank, the Financial Adviser to the President, members of the Audit Committee on Foreign Payment and in conjunction with International Community delegates, the International monetary fund {IMF}.

We are very pleased to contact you due to a report reaching us regarding your OUTSTANDING FUND ($10.4Million) Ten Million four hundred United States Dollars only which has been long overdue for payment but was made impossible by some corrupt officials.

In the course of our General Auditing and Account revision of the First quarter of 2021 , we discovered that the Bank Accounts belonging to some Benefactors have been changed on the basis that the owners have died some time last year or have given out an authorization note of change of data.

After the investigations however, it was revealed that there are Foreigners who are collaborating with Retired Staffs to make these changes illegally without the knowledge of the Bonafide Benefactors and one traced to your own change is this (Mr Rick Jones) who said you are dead, hence they have forwarded some documents/Death certificate so as to divert your fund.

The bank account below was forwarded/presented by Mr Rick Jones as the new account for receipt of the funds:

Bank: Hang Seng Bank
Bank Address: 83 Des Veoux Road,
Central - Hong Kong
Account Name: Rick Jones
Account Number: 235-325172-882
Bank Code: 024
Swift Code: HASEHKHH

In order to confirm if actually this is true and hence decided to write to your email address which after 2 days from now and there is no response, it will be ascertained that you are truly dead,then proceed with the telegraphic transfer.

If proved otherwise by you to be alive?, please forward to us all the related Benefactors particulars including your Telephone numbers,contact address,these details from you will help reach a conclusion that you are still alive.

Anything contrary to this claim will help us charge this man to court and prosecute him while your fund will be paid to you immediately without any further delay.

You are advise to get back to this office immediately via EMAIL,

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Stan Howard.
Director, foreign operations.
Email: Attention Sir,
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