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police has arrested 200 nigerians in spain

Is it possible?
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police has arrested 200 nigerians in spain

Postby hunter_hunted » Sun Jun 06, 2010 7:37 pm

today the spanish police has arrested 200 hundred nigerians that they were involved in 419-scams, here i leave you the notice and its translation in english :D ... igerianas/" onclick=";return false;

The thymus 'Nigerian letters' or how to win the lottery without having even played

Since 2003, Spain have been 20,000 cases of people who has been scammed.
In addition, more than 600 people have been arrested by the police.
The first cases of this type of scam is already from the early 1980s.
Succulent Lottery without even having purchased a tenth or millionaire inheritance of unknown origin awards are some of the 'Nigerian letters' s thymus hooks, a wide scam international character in Spain collects almost 20,000 complaints since 2003.

According to data provided by the national police, in the last seven years it has arrested more than 600 people by these scams more than 1,200 cases have been clarified and have recovered more than 2.8 million cheated people on five continents. Only in Madrid, the police stopped 186 people and has investigated more than 200 scams.

The 'modus operandi' began to be detected in the 1980s and which are commonly addressed by Nigerian citizens, these networks is easy and cheap, because they are only needed a computer, a printer, stamps of emails and some imagination.
'Nigerian letters' scam business is profitable with just a handful of unsuspecting conformingSystematic scammers send every day thousands of letters and emails to potential "cousins" of countries throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, or middle. In the beginning, these networks were able to send between 20,000 and 30,000 letters daily, although now production has been reduced to one-third, some missives 9,000 day, thanks to the blocking of sources of funding.

However, messages remain attractive: "It has been graceful with a Spanish 20th million lottery prize" or "before his death my customer filed 20 million dollars that legally own you".

Addresses, names or emails of the victims are obtained listings of advertising and marketing companies who sell this data. The vast majority of recipients not to bite the hook and ignore the promises, but business is profitable with just a handful of unsuspecting conforming to the missives.

The scammer is presented as the representative, lawyer, family member or health care provider a millionaire ill of an African country, or a politician or senior died in an accident and that, surprisingly, has left inherited a large sum of money.

After several discussions, scammers are are winning the confidence of the victim, that sends confident their data personal and your account number to receive money from the heritage which, in theory, will share with the scammer.
Always false documents

The timado receives even documents always false, allegedly issued by the depository millionaire inheritance entity that is credited with having received the order of transfer in favour of the victim.

But before realizing that income that will never occur, begin problems and needed the estafado below a certain amount of money for various fees, taxes or bribes to third parties. The first payments occur, scammers continue requesting more money until you find the victim of deception and the scammers disappear.
Estafadas quantities can reach the 400,000 euros, everything depends on the ability of the GriftersEstafadas quantities can reach the 400,000 euros, everything depends on the ability of the scammers to pull more and more the naivety or greed of the timado. In the form of the fake lottery prize, mechanics is very similar, although estafadas quantities are generally lower, at 9,500 euro average.

Letters, simulated letterhead State betting and Lotteries promise also awards for a small amount of tax or "expense management". For the Grifters anything goes and the economic crisis and the increase in unemployment forced to wit. His latest strategy is to offer paid very well work in Spain to citizens of third countries with wishes to enter Europe.
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police has arrested 200 nigerians in spain


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Re: police has arrested 200 nigerians in spain

Postby Foxy » Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:06 pm

:party: :party: :applause: :applause:

Time to act now in Yoshkar-Ola, Lugansk, Lagos, Dakar...


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Re: police has arrested 200 nigerians in spain

Postby wayne » Mon Jun 07, 2010 12:17 pm

It's good news, but we need more like this.

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Re: police has arrested 200 nigerians in spain

Postby Marisa » Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:11 pm

especially in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!! I wish we see the article: "police arrested 1000 mugus in Malaysia!" :twisted:

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