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280million scammed in 1 year by nigerians

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280million scammed in 1 year by nigerians

Postby knuckles » Sat Jun 06, 2020 1:58 pm ... -one-year/

Thailand's immigration has admitted that they are targeting Africans who are ripping off their country folk, especially women.

Some have lost millions in investment and romance scams and the latest bust of two Nigerians and a Thai woman revealed a call center had a turnover of a staggering 280 million baht in just one calendar year.

Daily News reported on a press conference at immigration HQ in Suan Phlu, Bangkok, yesterday in which Immigration Bureau chief Lt-Gen Sompong Chingduang spoke of how his force was carrying out the orders of PM Prayut, DPM Prawit and chief of the RTP Chakthip Chaijinda in ridding Thailand of foreigners using the country as a base and working with Thai people in illegal activity.

There was no mincing of words; it was clear that those mostly targeted by the Thai authorities are Africans.

Using social media to help in their nefarious activities Africans are still engaging in so-called romance scams and investment fraud at illegal call centers.

In the latest bust, warrants were issued for the arrest of four people - a Thai woman and three Nigerians. One Nigerian had already escaped abroad.

A Thai woman was a mule used by the gang to make ATM withdrawals. She was arrested doing just that on Seri Thai Road.

Two Nigerians were arrested at an office in Pratunam in central Bangkok.

One Thai woman in Phuket reportedly lost 1.4 million baht.

Other victims have filed complaints in Wang Thong Lan, Bangkok, in Phuket, Mahasarakham in the north east and in Bang Plee, Samut Prakan.

The turnover of the gang was 280 million baht in one year.

An immigration official urged the public to continue calling 1178 or log onto to report illegal activity of foreigners and their Thai accomplices up to no good in the kingdom.

Source: Daily News

280million scammed in 1 year by nigerians


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